2013 World Series of Poker Schedule

[LL] “The World Series of Poker starts on Wednesday. I sure would love to play in it someday”, Leroy the Lion noted wistfully.

[RR] “Maybe we could set aside a few bucks from each of our tournaments to send someone to one of the smaller events each year”, Roderick the Rock proposed.

[LL] “I’d be in for that! But we’d need to collect $1,000 for the entry fee, and maybe another $1,000 for airfare, lodging, and spending money.”

[RR] “All the $1K events this year are No-Limit Hold ‘Em. Seven are open bracelet events, which begin on May 30, every Sunday from June 2 to June 30, and a turbo on June 19. If our winner is 50 or older, he can also do the Seniors event that starts on June 14. If the winner is a female, she can enter the June 28th Ladies Championship, which is now cleverly a $10,000 event with a $9,000 discount for women. So, of the 35 No-Limit events, 9 are $1K.”1

[LL] “Isn’t there also a Little One for One Drop charity tournament?”

[RR] “Yes, with a $1,111 buy-in, starting on either July 3 or July 4. Just a little more expensive but they’re re-entry events, which may bum you out a little if you bust out and can’t afford to rebuy.”

[LL] “Too bad the math doesn’t work out. Just collecting from our monthly tournaments wouldn’t be enough, since that would be too steep at $200 per event. But the weeklies could work, say 40 events at $50 each.”

[RR] “Except that you don’t play in those. You’ll have to just keep dreaming.”

[LL] “Maybe when online poker comes back, I can build my bankroll to five figures…”

[RR] “Or win a buy-in through a satellite.”

[LL] “… and then parlay a decent cash in the $1K event into a Main Event buy-in! When does the Main Event start this year anyway?”

[RR] “July 6. There are three Day Ones, and they’ll play down to the final table on July 15. The November Nine will reconvene on November 4.”

[LL] “I’m really looking forward to it, even just as a distant spectator.”

[RR] “Yeah, me too.”


  1. Of the 62 World Series of Poker bracelet events in 2013, 40 (65%) are Hold ‘Em: 35 (56%) No-Limit, two (3%) Pot-Limit, and three (5%) Limit. Nine (15%) are Omaha, three (5%) are Seven-Card Stud, seven (11%) are mixed games, and three (5%) are Razz or Lowball. By buy-in, eleven (18%) are under $1,500, nineteen (31%) are $1,500, ten (16%) are $2,500, six (10%) are $3K, nine (15%) are $5K, four (6%) are $10K, and one each (2%) are $25K, $50K, and $111,111.

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