2014 WSOP Main Event Winner – Martin Jacobson

[GG] “How about some love for Sweden!” Gloria the Gorgeous beamed.

[RR] “Yeah, congratulations to Martin Jacobson, the first Swede to win the WSOP Main Event”, Roderick the Rock complied.

[SS] “Once the last American, William Tonking, was knocked out in fourth place,1 either Sweden or Norway or the Netherlands was going to have its first champ”, Stan the Stat noted. “Amazingly, all three of them currently live in London!”

[LL] “They’d be better off in a tax haven like Monaco”,2 Leroy the Lion suggested. “Monte Carlo’s not a bad place to play poker.”

[SS] “Jacobson certainly knows that. He’s cashed three times for about $90,000 there since 2009. And Jorryt van Hoof has won some money there too.”

[RR] “Speaking of the Dutchman, he started the final table with the chip lead, and he still had it when they got down to three.”

[SS] “But Jacobson was looking sharp, having moved all the way up from second to last to second in chips.”

[GG] “Even before he took the lead, I was sure he’d win it all. He looked so confident compared to the other guys. Too bad he already has a girlfriend.”

[LL] “You still have hope; they’re not engaged yet, as far as I know. But he’s certainly a ten in my book, as in the $10-million-dollar man.”

[GG] “From a ten thousand dollar buy-in.”

[RR] “Appropriately, he held Ace-Ten to eliminate van Hoof in third place, and he sealed the victory over Felix Stephensen by turning pocket Tens into a set of Tens on the final hand.”

[SS] “Jacobson won ten final table showdowns and lost ten. And fittingly, he’s cashed in ten tournaments this year. Ten more facts about Jacobson…

  1. Got into online poker while training to become a chef.
  2. Led the Main Event in chips after Day 1A and Day 6 (27 players remaining).
  3. Became the first November Niner to start 8th in chips and win.
  4. Won exactly one quarter of the 328 final table hands.
  5. Became the oldest winner since Jerry Yang (39 in 2007) but is still only 27 years old.
  6. Joined Joe Cada, Jonathan Duhamel, and Greg Merson as World Champs born in 1987 (four of the last six).
  7. Got all the money in preflop on the final hand,3 which has happened the last six years.
  8. Won with three-of-a-kind, only the second world champ to do so (Bobby Baldwin topped Crandell Addington with three Queens in 1978).
  9. Became the third foreign World Champion in the 2010s, already matching the three in the 1990s and three in the 2000s.
  10. Collected the second biggest first prize in WSOP Main Event history, behind only the twelve million dollars that Jamie Gold won in 2006; the field was only the fifth largest though.”

2014 World Series of Poker Main Event Summary

Year 2014
Date 7/5/2014 to 11/11/2014
Players 6,683 (693 cashed)
Winner Martin Jacobson ($10,000,000, Sweden)
Runner-Up Felix Stephensen ($5,145,968)
Final Table Bubble Boy Luis Velador (10th, $565,193)
Money Bubble Boy Zhen Cai,
Kori Hunter,
John Dwyer (694th)
Last Former Champ Standing Huck Seed (did not cash)
Last Woman Standing Maria Ho (77th, $85,812)
Last Celebrity Standing Paul Pierce (did not cash)


  1. The last three players standing were all Europeans, a first in the history of the WSOP Main Event.
  2. See this article on Felix Stephensen’s taxes {Footnote added 11/20/14}.
  3. See all of the WSOP Main Event final hands.

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