Stan’s Lists – WSOP Bracelet Streaks

[SS] “Okay guys, two super hard trivia questions for you about the World Series of Poker”, Stan the Stat promised.

[LL] “Shoot”, Leroy the Lion encouraged.

[SS] “Who was the last player to win consecutive WSOP events?”

[LL] “Layne Flack. I thought you said these were hard.”

[SS] “They are. Flack won consecutive events that he entered in 2002, but they were actually events #4 and #19 on the schedule. And believe it or not, that’s not where he got the nickname Back-to-Back Flack anyway!”

[RR] “Really?” Roderick the Rock wondered.

[SS] “Three years earlier, he had won back-to-back events in Seven Card Stud and Limit Hold ‘Em at the Legends of Poker in Los Angeles. Any other guesses?”

[LL] “Nope.”

[RR] “Me neither.”

[SS] “Just as well, as I could give you a hundred guesses, and you wouldn’t get the answer without Googling… It was Hilbert Shirey in 1995.”

[RR] “I don’t even recognize his name.”

[SS] “His other major claim to fame was bubbling the final table of the 1991 Main Event. He also won another bracelet in 1987.”

[SS] “You ready for the second question?”

[LL & RR simultaneously] “No.”

[SS] “Who was the only player to win back-to-back bracelets twice?”

[LL] “Very few people have won four bracelets, so at least this is guessable. Johnny Moss?”

[SS] “No.”

[RR] “Doyle Brunson?”

[SS] “No.”

[LL] “Amarillo Slim?”

[SS] “No.”

[RR] “Somebody with just four or five bracelets?”

[SS] “Yes.”

[LL] “There can only be a handful of players who’ve even won multiple bracelets in multiple years!”

[SS] “And you’ve already named most of them.”

[RR] “And it has to be before 1995, so that rules out Ivey, Hellmuth, and Ferguson.”

[LL] “I give up. Who was it?”

[SS] “Gary Berland, in 1978 and 1979, taking down one Razz and three Seven Card Stud events. He had two high Main Event finishes: second behind Brunson in 1977 (technically the cash bubble boy) and third in 1986.”

[RR] “Those questions were way too hard.”

[SS] “Okay then, here’s a much easier one. Who were the only two players to win three consecutive events?”

[LL] “I actually know this one. Amazingly, they did it the same year.”

[RR] “I remember Phil Hellmuth bragging about it.”

[LL] “Yep. And then Ted Forrest matched him just a few days later!”

[SS] “In one way, Forrest outdid Hellmuth though; Hellmuth captured three Hold ‘Em bracelets, but Forrest won in Seven Card Stud, Razz, and Omaha Hi/Lo!”

Consecutive WSOP Events Won

# Player Year Events
3 Phil Hellmuth 1993 #7: $2,500 No Limit Hold ‘Em; #8: $1,500 No Limit Hold ‘Em; #9: $5,000 Limit Hold ‘Em
Ted Forrest 1993 #11: $5,000 Limit Seven Card Stud; #12: $1,500 Limit Razz; #13: $1,500 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo
2 Johnny Moss 1971 #4: $1,000 Limit Ace to Five Draw; #5: $5,000 No Limit Hold ‘Em Main Event
Jimmy Casella 1974 #1: $10,000 Limit Seven Card Stud; #2: $1,000 Limit Razz
Howard Andrew 1976 #1: $2,500 No Limit Hold ‘Em; #2: $1,000 No Limit Hold ‘Em
Bobby Baldwin 1977 #2: $10,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball; #3: $5,000 Limit Seven Card Stud
Gary Berland 1978 #2: $1,000 Limit Razz; #3: $500 Limit Seven Card Stud
Gary Berland 1979 #2: $500 Limit Seven Card Stud; #3: $1,000 Limit Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo
Lakewood Louie 1979 #7: $1,000 Limit Ace to Five Draw; #8: $2,000 Limit Draw High
Stu Ungar 1981 #12: $10,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball; #13: $10,000 No Limit Hold ‘Em Main Event
Billy Baxter 1982 #1: $2,500 No Limit Ace to Five Draw; #2: $10,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball
Dewey Tomko 1984 #11: $10,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven Lowball; #12: $5,000 Pot Limit Omaha w/Re-buys
Humberto Brenes 1993 #16: $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha; #17: $2,500 Limit Hold ‘Em
T.J. Cloutier 1994 #14: $1,500 Limit Omaha Hi/Lo; #15: $2,500 Pot Limit Hold ‘Em
Hilbert Shirey 1995 #18: $2,500 Pot Limit Omaha (w/Re-buys); #19: $2,500 Pot Limit Hold ‘Em

[SS] “Ungar was the only Main Event winner to also win the previous event.”

[SS] “Okay, same idea but for years instead of events… What two players have won at least one bracelet in four consecutive years?”

[RR] “Probably players we just guessed.”

[SS] “One of them is.”

[LL] “Moss, Brunson, …”

[SS] “Texas Dolly’s one, from 1976 to 1979. Someone did it before him though.”

[RR] “Someone really old.”

[SS] “Deceased, actually.”

[LL] “Amarillo Slim? Puggy Pearson?”

[SS] “No and no.”

[RR] “I concede.”

[SS] “Bill Boyd. He won a Limit Five-Card Stud event every year from 1971 to 1974 and was instrumental in popularizing Omaha as the Golden Nugget’s director of operations.”

Consecutive Years Winning a WSOP Bracelet

# Player Years
4 Bill Boyd 1971-74
Doyle Brunson 1976-79*
3 Johnny Moss 1974-76
Bobby Baldwin 1977-79
Gary Berland 1977-79
Lakewood Louie 1978-80
Erik Seidel 1992-94
Allen Cunningham 2005-07
Matt Matros 2010-12
Michael Mizrachi 2010-12
Robert Mizrachi 2014-161
Loren Klein 2016-181

{* Brunson’s 1979 bracelet was in Mixed Doubles with Starla Brodie.}

[SS] “Eight players have won a bracelet in three consecutive years, and two have a chance to join them this year: Michael Gathy and Roger Hairabedian.

[LL] “Interesting that nobody hit a three-bagger from 1981 to 1991 and 1995 to 2004. We would have gone a quarter of a century without one if not for Seidel.”

[SS] “Last question: what players have won at least one bracelet in the most consecutive decades? Only one of them is obvious.”

[RR] “Brunson again?”

[SS] “Nope, but he and Chip Reese get honorable mentions for winning bracelets in three out of four decades.”

[LL] “The obvious one must be Hellmuth, since he won the Main Event in 1989, giving him the 1980s to the 2010s.”

[SS] “Correct. And I’ll give you the other two: Jay Heimowitz was the first to do it in 2000 (1970s to 2000s), and Bill Baxter joined him in 2002. Both of their streaks started in the 1970s, so they still have six years to pass Hellmuth.”

Consecutive Decades Winning a WSOP Bracelet

# Player Years
4 Jay Heimowitz 1975 1986 1991 1994 2000 2001
Bill Baxter 1975 1978 1982 [2] 1987 1993 2002
Phil Hellmuth 1989 1992 1993 [3] 1997 2001 2003 [2] 2006 2007 2012 [2]2
3 Amarillo Slim Preston 1972 1974 1985 1990
Johnny Chan 1985 1987 1988 1994 1997 2000 2002 2003 [2] 2005
Berry Johnston 1983 1986 1990 1995 2001
Mickey Appleman 1980 1992 1995 2003
T.J. Cloutier 1987 1994 [2] 1998 2004 2005
Men Nguyen 1992 1995 [2] 1996 2003 [2] 2010
Sam Farha 1996 2006 2010
Peter Vilandos 1995 2009 2012
Mike Matusow 1999 2002 2008 2013
David Chiu 1996 1998 2000 2005 2013
Daniel Negreanu 1998 2003 2004 2008 20133
Ted Forrest 1993 [3], 2004 [2], 2014

[SS] “Twelve players have a bracelet in three consecutive decades, with Amarillo Slim Preston being the first to do it in 1990, a year before Heimowitz. Chan, Johnston, Appleman, and Cloutier can join the four-decade list in the next six years, while Nguyen, Farha, Vilandos, Negreanu, Chiu, and Matusow will have to wait until 2020 to extend their streaks.4

Four players are on both the events and years lists (Baldwin, Berland, Moss, and Louie), three are on both the events and decades lists (Hellmuth, Cloutier, and Forrest), but nobody is on both the years and decades lists (either Brunson or Seidel could be the first with a bracelet in the 2010s).”


  1. Robert Mizrachi joined the list by winning the $10,000 Seven Card Stud event on June 6, 2016 and Loren Klein by winning the $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha 8-Handed Championship on June 25, 2018.
  2. Hellmuth’s two 2012 bracelets include one in Europe.
  3. Negreanu’s two 2013 bracelets were in Asia and Europe.
  4. Twenty people have until 2019 to join the list of players with a bracelet in three consecutive decades: Chau Giang, Chris Bjorin, David Grey, Doyle Brunson, Eli Balas, Erik Seidel, Farzad Bonyadi, Freddy Deeb, Hoyt Corkins, Huck Seed, John Cernuto, Josh Arieh, Layne Flack, O’Neil Longson, Paul Clark, Randy Holland, Scotty Nguyen, Steve Zolotow, and Tony Ma.5
  5. Ted Forrest won the $1,500 Razz Event on June 1, 2014 [and was therefore moved from footnote 4 into the table above].

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2014 WSOP Schedule and the Ivey/Negreanu Bracelet Bet

[LL] “At long last, the World Series of Poker starts on Tuesday!” Leroy the Lion announced.

[RR] “Not for me”, Roderick the Rock differed. “I consider it to begin when ESPN starts showing new episodes in late July.”

[SS] “I’m in between you guys. I don’t pay much attention until the Main Event starts, which is July 5 this year.”

[LL] “What do you think of this year’s schedule?”

[SS] “At first glance, it doesn’t look like much has changed, with 65 total events, up just 3 from last year. But if you look closer, there’s been quite a shift…

Do you like polarized hand ranges? How about polarized buy-in ranges? Compared to last year, the schedule now features eight more low buy-in events (one $1,000 [Pot-Limit Omaha] and seven $1,500) and nine more $10,000 buy-in events at the expense of the middle buy-in events (eight fewer $2,500, three fewer $3,000, and five fewer $5,000). And that’s ignoring the return of the $1,000,000 Big One for One Drop, which alternates every other year with a $111,111 buy-in event.”

[LL] “Seems like the WSOP has decided to separately target the amateurs, who prefer the lower buy-ins, and the pros, who prefer the larger buy-ins.”

[RR] “Sure, except the Main Event, which stands alone as a high buy-in event that amateurs love to play.”

[SS] “Amateurs also prefer Hold ‘Em, which lost four events but still accounts for over half of the tournaments (33 of 65 for 50.8%, down from 36 of 62 for 58.1%). The variety of games has improved, with three more Razz/Lowball events, one more Omaha, two more Mixed, and one more Stud.”

The Ivey/Negreanu Bracelet Bet

[RR] “Stan, what’s your analysis of the Ivey/Negreanu bracelet bet?”

[SS] “You mean, even money that neither of them wins a bracelet at this summer’s WSOP?”1

[RR] “Yes.”

[SS] “Negreanu hasn’t won a bracelet in Vegas since 2008 and Ivey since 2010, so it sure seems like a good bet. But I wouldn’t take it.

[RR] “Why not?”

[SS] “If you count just their Las Vegas bracelets — Negreanu has four in 16 years, and Ivey has eight in 14 years — the odds seem to be strongly in your favor. But throw in the three bracelets they’ve won outside the U.S. (both have one at the WSOP Asia, and Negreanu has one at the WSOP Europe), and you’re talking exactly one per year in just a few more events. Then add in the fact that neither, especially Ivey,2 has always played a full schedule, and it seems pretty clear that it’s a sucker’s bet.”3


  1. CardPlayer says that Negreanu will take bets from $5,000 to a million, but he later said that it’s mostly Ivey’s wager, not his.
  2. Ivey even sat out the entire World Series of Poker in 2011, publicly explaining that he was protesting Full Tilt Poker’s failure to pay back funds to U.S. players.
  3. Indeed, Ivey won his tenth bracelet in the $1,500 Eight Game Mixed event on June 27, 2014 to win the bet.

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Stan’s Lists – WPT Career Records

[RR] “What about career WPT records?” Roderick the Rock inquired.

[SS] “Here you go”, Stan the Stat offered. “The current1 Top Ten for Career Player of the Year Points, Career Earnings, Tournaments Played, Cashes, Final Tables, Wins, Cash Rate, Final Table Rate, Win Rate, and Earnings Per Event, with rate statistics requiring a minimum of 30 events.”2

WPT Career Player of the Year Points

Rank Player POY Points
1 Daniel Negreanu 6,100
2 Antonio Esfandiari 5,650
3 Gus Hansen 5,300
4 Phil Ivey 5,250
5 Erick Lindgren 4,850
6 Carlos Mortensen 4,750
7 Hoyt Corkins 4,675
8 Michael Mizrachi 4,450
9 Jonathan Little 4,400
10 David Pham 4,300

[SS] “I know they changed how POY points are tabulated along the way, but the totals are still an interesting career scoreboard. Esfandiari is very highly ranked (2nd) compared to his career earnings (18th). Lindgren (5th) is also relatively high (15th in earnings).”

WPT Career Earnings

Rank Player Earnings
1 Carlos Mortensen $6,733,506
2 Daniel Negreanu $5,743,899
3 Michael Mizrachi $4,667,683
4 Tuan Le $4,514,063
5 Gus Hansen $4,110,801
6 Alan Goehring $3,942,344
7 Joseph Bartholdi $3,760,165
8 Jonathan Little $3,714,750
9 David Chiu $3,680,511
10 Nick Schulman $3,548,956

[SS] “Mizrachi and Negreanu are the only two who are also currently in the Top 20 in World Series of Poker earnings, at #14 ($7,339,923) and #15 ($6,851,500), respectively. Along with Phil Ivey, Mortensen, J.C. Tran, Chiu, and Erick Lindgren, they’re the only seven players who have won three million dollars on both the WPT and WSOP (Antonio Esfandiari and David Williams are each one medium WPT cash short). Esfandiari, of course, leads the combined earnings list by far because of his $18,346,673 Big One for One Drop win in 2012, with Phil Hellmuth, Negreanu, Jamie Gold, and Mizrachi rounding out the Top 5.

A total of sixteen players have won over three million dollars on the WPT, 42 over two million, and 158 at least one million.”

WPT Tournaments Played

Rank Player Events
1 Kathy Liebert 124
2 Erik Seidel 118
3 Barry Greenstein 117
4 Allen Kessler 114
5 Lee Markholt 110
6 Daniel Negreanu 105
Steve Brecher
8 John Juanda 102
Curt Kohlberg
10 Gavin Smith 99

[SS] “A total of 206 WPT events have been held through Season XII, so Liebert has played in just over sixty percent of them. Season I had the fewest events, 11, while Season XI had the most, 24. Four events have been held every season: the Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic, the Legends of Poker, the L.A. Poker Classic, and the WPT World Championship. Three missed only the first season: the Borgata Poker Open, Grand Prix de Paris, and Bay 101 Shooting Star. One lasted through the first ten seasons: the World Poker Finals.”

WPT Cashes

Rank Player Cashes
1 Lee Markholt 24
2 Erik Seidel 20
Barry Greenstein
Allen Kessler
Jonathan Little
6 Daniel Negreanu 19
John Juanda
Hoyt Corkins
9 Kathy Liebert 18
Erick Lindgren
Carlos Mortensen

WPT Final Tables

Rank Player Final Tables
1 Phil Ivey 9
2 Scotty Nguyen 8
3 Daniel Negreanu 7
David Pham
Gus Hansen
6 John Juanda 6
Hoyt Corkins
Kathy Liebert
Erick Lindgren
Nam Le
J.C. Tran
Antonio Esfandiari

WPT Titles

[SS] “Darren Elias is the only player to win four events.3 Hansen, Mortensen, Rheem, and Zinno have each won three, while 19 players have won two: Mohsin Charania, Cimpan, Scott Clements, Corkins, Freddy Deeb, Esfandiari, Randal Flowers, Giannetti, Goehring, Greenstein, Le, Lederer, Lindgren, Little, Mizrachi, Negreanu, Rettenmaier, Tran, and Vedes.

Ten players have won multiple WPT titles and multiple World Series of Poker bracelets: Corkins, Deeb, Esfandiari, Greenstein, Lederer, Lindgren, Mizrachi, Mortensen, Negreanu, and Tran.4

No woman has won an open event, although Van Nguyen took down the 2006 WPT Invitational charity event.

{ February 15, 2017 update: Canada’s own Ema Zajmovic captured the 2017 WPT Playground Main Event in Kahnawake, Quebec to etch her name in the record books and take home $200,769. }”

WPT Cash Rate

Rank Player Cash %
1 Joe Serock 34.1%
2 Vivek Rajkumar 32.3%
3 Mohsin Charania 31.8%
4 Byron Kaverman 31.4%
5 Matt Salsberg 29.4%
6 Dave Ulliott 27.0%
7 Christian Harder 26.2%
8 Keven Stammen 25.7%
9 Nenad Medic 25.4%
10 Justin Young 25.0%
Roy Winston

[SS] “Joe Hachem has cashed in 42.9% of the 21 events he’s played and Abraham Gray in 56.3% of 16.”

WPT Final Table Rate3

Rank Player Final Table %
1 Gus Hansen 14.9%
2 Marvin Rettenmaier 10.5%
3 Phil Ivey 10.3%
4 Vivek Rajkumar 9.7%
5 Scotty Nguyen 9.3%
6 Matt Salsberg 8.8%
7 Ted Forrest 8.6%
8 Byron Kaverman 8.6%
Keven Stammen
10 Humberto Brenes 8.3%
Tommy Vedes

[SS] “Jared Jaffee has final tabled 16.0% of the 25 events he’s played; if he goes 0-for-his-next-5 that only drops to 13.3%, which would rank him second. Alessio Isaia has final tabled 27.3% of 11.”

WPT Win Rate3

Rank Player Win %
1 Gus Hansen 6.4%
2 Tommy Vedes 5.6%
3 Marvin Rettenmaier 5.3%
4 Cornel Cimpan 5.1%
5 Chino Rheem 4.5%
6 Carlos Mortensen 4.1%
7 Matt Giannetti 3.8%
8 Howard Lederer 3.4%
9 Vivek Rajkumar 3.2%
10 Roy Winston 3.1%
Eric Hershler
Tuan Le

[SS] “Jordan Cristos has two victories in 18 events (11.1%), so if he played in a dozen more events without winning, he’d still be at 6.7%, which would rank first. Likewise, Randal Flowers has two victories in 21 events (9.5%).”

WPT Earnings Per Event3

Rank Player Average Earnings
1 Vivek Rajkumar $93,627.13
2 Eric Hershler $88,667.44
3 Carlos Mortensen $88,328.22
4 Gus Hansen $86,208.13
5 Martin de Knijff $79,680.62
6 Tuan Le $70,532.23
7 Cornel Cimpan $67,431.51
8 David Chiu $63,315.10
9 Elky Grospellier $61,995.24
10 Chino Rheem $61,850.75

[SS] “Vanessa Selbst is the top woman, at $30,570.10. Joseph Bartholdi has an average of $170,916.59 in 22 events. If he failed to cash in his next eight events, that would only drop to $125,338.83, which would rank first. Yevgeniy Timoshenko has an average of $77,398.14 in 29 events, which would drop to $74,818.20, good for sixth.”

[LL] “Just…” {counting on fingers} “ten lists?” Leroy the Lion teased.

[SS] “I have some others that I didn’t think were interesting enough. Here are some of the leaders though:”

  • Highest Career Earnings Without a Final Table: Glenn Lafaye, $721,378 (Jimmy Tran, $718,056)5
  • Highest Career Earnings Without a Title: Hasan Habib, $2,750,597 (David Pham, $2,355,611)
  • Most Tournaments Without a Cash: Narendra Banwari, 39 (Juan Mortenson, 27)
  • Most Tournaments Without a Final Table: Tony Cousineau, 100 (Tom McCormick, 88)
  • Most Tournaments Without a Title: Kathy Liebert, 124 (Allen Kessler, 114)
  • Most Cashes Without a Final Table: Casey Kastle, 18 (Jimmy Tran, 15)
  • Most Cashes Without a Title: Allen Kessler, 20 (John Juanda, 19)
  • Most Final Tables Without a Title: David Pham, 7 (Kathy Liebert and John Juanda, 6)
  • Most Consecutive Cashes: Daniel Negreanu and Kirk Morrison, 4 (both in 2007)


  1. Data is updated through the end of Season XII (April 2014). For the latest midseason information, see the official WPT Career Stats. {May 5, 2015: Sorry, this doesn’t seem to be updated anymore.}
  2. The 30-event minimum comes from Daniel Negreanu, who tabulated some of these numbers in 2009 but doesn’t seem to have kept his data up to date.

    Career Player of the Year Points only tabulated through Season XII, as the system changed for Season XIII to use data from the Global Poker Index.

  3. Anthony Zinno became the third three-time WPT winner on March 9, 2015. Amazingly, he’s never reached a WPT final table he didn’t win, taking down his third title in one fewer final table than Mortensen and Hansen. Zinno also joined Darren Elias and Marvin Rettenmaier as the only players to win consecutive events, and jumps to the top of the WPT Final Table Rate and Win Rate boards (both 18.75% [3 out of 16]) as well as the Earnings Per Event rankings.

    { April 21, 2016 Update: Chino Rheem became the fourth player to win three WPT Main Events by defeating 341 opponents in the Seminole Hard Rock finale, earning $705,885. }

    { February 25, 2017 Update: Darren Elias became the fifth player to win three WPT Main Events by defeating 488 opponents in the WPT Fallsview Poker Classic Main Event, earning $335,436. }

    { May 23, 2018 Update: Darren Elias became the first player to win four WPT Main Events by defeating 161 opponents in the inaugural Bobby Baldwin Classic, earning $387,580. }

  4. J.C. Tran became the tenth member of the double-multiple list on March 15, 2014. 55 players have won at least one WPT and one WSOP title.
  5. Lafaye and Tran have played in 2 and 71 events respectively.

    The official site lists Chris Moorman with no cashes at the same time it says he won the 2014 L.A. Poker Classic. The latter is the truth. Daniel Perper’s stats are also inconsistent. The WPT has been contacted about these discrepancies.


Stan’s Lists – WPT Player of the Year and Season Records

[RR] “What other WPT lists do you have?” Roderick the Rock inquired.

[SS] “The end of the season also means the crowning of the WPT Player of the Year1 and the Money Leader”, Stan the Stat responded.

[LL] “What’s the prize for winning Player of the Year?” Leroy the Lion asked.

[SS] “Eternal glory.”2

[LL] “I’d rather be the Money Leader then.”

WPT Players of the Year

Season POY Points Earnings Cashes Final Tables Titles
1 Howard Lederer 2,200 $620,049 3 2 2
2 Erick Lindgren 2,400 $1,583,914 4 3 2
3 Daniel Negreanu 2,600 $3,320,426 4 3 2
4 Gavin Smith 2,100 $1,653,940 3 3 1
5 J.C. Tran 1,700 $2,028,793 3 3 1
6 Jonathan Little 1,900 $1,895,013 4 2 1
7 Elky Grospellier 1,600 $2,225,345 3 2 1
8 Faraz Jaka 1,300 $1,421,290 4 2 0
9 Andy Frankenberger 2,100 $944,985 3 2 1
10 Joe Serock 2,200 $674,227 3 2 0
11 Matt Salsberg 2,575 $777,394 6 3 1
12 Mukul Pahuja 3,450 $1,426,240 4 3 0
13 Anthony Zinno 2,056 $1,398,389 7 2 2

WPT Season Money Leaders

Season POY Earnings Points Cashes Final Tables Titles
1 Gus Hansen $1,063,650 2,000 2 2 2
2 Martin de Knijff $2,728,356 1,000 1 1 1
3 Tuan Le $4,442,738 2,000 3 2 2
4 Joseph Bartholdi $3,760,165 1,000 1 1 1
5 Carlos Mortensen $4,045,760 1,000 3 1 1
6 David Chiu $3,461,355 1,000 3 1 1
7 Elky Grospellier $2,225,345 1,600 3 2 1
8 Andras Koroknai $1,788,040 1,000 1 1 1
9 Gregory Brooks $1,654,120 1,400 1 1 1
10 Sean Jazayeri $1,370,240 1,400 1 1 1
11 Ravi Raghavan $1,301,465 1,600 3 1 1
12 Keven Stammen $1,530,359 2,300 6 2 1
13 Mohsin Charania $1,527,789 1,133 4 1 1

[SS] “Some interesting factoids about Players of the Year and Money Leaders:”

  • Jaka (VIII), Serock (X), and Pahuja (XII) all won Player of the Year without winning a tournament. Every Money Leader has won at least one event, although winless Tom Marchese lost in Season X by just $27,575 to Sean Jazayeri, and Pahuja trailed Stammen by only $104,119 in Season XII.
  • Pahuja (3,450 points in Season XII) crushed Negreanu’s record (2,600 in Season III) for most points in a season by 850.
  • Grospellier (Season VII) is the only Money Leader to also win POY.
  • Six Money Leaders have been World Championship winners: de Knijff, Le (also won the World Poker Finals), Bartholdi, Mortensen, and Chiu from Seasons II to VI, and Stammen this season (XII). Three (Koroknai, Brooks, and Jazayeri) cashed only once, winning the L.A. Poker Classic, which had a larger 1st prize than the World Championship in Seasons VIII, IX, and X. Grospellier (VII) won Festa Al Lago, Raghavan (XI) and Charania (XIII) won the Five Diamond World Poker Classic, and Hansen (I) won both the L.A. and Five Diamond events.
  • No World Championship winner has also won POY although Le (III) and Stammen (XII) both finished second in the POY race. Seasons I, VIII, IX, X, and XI had three different players win the World Championship, POY, and Money titles.
  • Jonathan Roy and Paul Volpe both earned enough POY points in Season XI to have at least tied for POY in nine of the twelve seasons but lost to Salsberg by 175 points.
  • Stammen’s 2,300 points this season (XII) are the most ever for a World Championship winner and currently ranks seventh all-time.
  • Stammen tied the record for most cashes in a season with 6, matching Lee Markholt (VI), Salsberg (XI), Byron Kaverman (XII), and Ronit Chamani (XII) [yes, three of the five were this season]. Negreanu (II) and Nenad Medic (V) cashed five times each.
  • Pahuja tied the record for most final tables in a season with 3, matching Phil Ivey (I and III), Lindgren (II), Negreanu (III), John Juanda (III), Smith (IV), Tran (V), and Salsberg (XI).
  • Hansen (I), Lederer (I), Lindgren (II), Negreanu (III), and Le (III) are the only players to win two events in a season.
  • Five players have finished in the POY Top 10 three times: Antonio Esfandiari (II, IX, & XI), Hansen (I, II, & VI), Ivey (I, III, & VI), Mortensen (III, V, & VIII), and Negreanu (II, III, & V); another twelve have done it twice: Shawn Buchanan (VI & VIII), Cornel Cimpan (VII & VIII), Hoyt Corkins (II & VIII), Freddy Deeb (IV & VII), Alan Goehring (I & IV), Kathy Liebert (I & VII), Little (VI & VII), Michael Mizrachi (III & IV), Marvin Rettenmaier (X & XI), Vivek Rajkumar (VII & IX), and Chino Rheem (VII & XI).
  • Hansen is the only player to finish in the Money Top 10 three times (I, II, & VI). Nine players have done it twice: Esfandiari (II & IX), Goehring (I & IV), Ivey (I & VI), Little (VI & VII), Mizrachi (III & IV), Negreanu (II & III), Rajkumar (VII & IX), Rheem (VII & XI), and David Sands (X & XI).


  1. The WPT website has a thorough explanation of its Player of the Year points system. The Wikipedia World Poker Tour article explains how the points system changed in Season IX. The Global Poker Index has been used since Season XIII.

    Anthony Zinno wrapped up the 2015 title on April 27 when Darren Elias busted out of the WPT World Championship.

  2. Actually, there is a real prize. In 2015, Zinno won a Hublot timepiece, some ground transportation, and food and beverage credits.
  3. The total of $1,640,053 is the sum of the winnings reported on his Hendon Mob Database page.

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Stan’s Lists – WPT World Championships

[RR] “So what kind of World Poker Tour lists do you have?” Roderick the Rock asked Stan the Stat.

[SS] “Well, since the WPT World Championship was just last week, let’s start with that”, Stan replied. “Congratulations to Keven Stammen for joining the list of champions. In 2009, he had captured the $2,500 No Limit Hold’em at the World Series of Poker for over half a million dollars, but this was by far the biggest win of the Buckeye’s eight-year tournament career.”

[LL] “Do you know why Ohio residents are called Buckeyes?” Leroy the Lion interjected.

[SS] “It’s a local tree, right?”

[LL] “Yes, the Ohio buckeye tree, which is related to a variety of horse chestnut trees. The Ohio buckeye is smaller, so I guess it resembles a deer’s eye more than a horse’s. But while horse chestnuts are edible, buckeyes are poisonous!”1

[RR] “Especially to University of Michigan fans…”

WPT World Championship Winners2

Season Winner Prize Entrants Cashed Runner-Up
1 Alan Goehring $1,011,886 111 28 Kirill Gerasimov
2 Martin De Knijff $2,728,356 343 50 Hasan Habib
3 Tuan Le $2,856,150 453 100 Paul Maxfield
4 Joe Bartholdi $3,760,165 605 100 Davidson Matthew
5 Carlos Mortensen $3,970,415 639 100 Kirk Morrison
6 David Chiu $3,389,140 545 100 Gus Hansen
7 Yevgeniy Timoshenko $2,143,655 338 50 Ran Azor
8 David Williams $1,530,537 195 18 Eric Baldwin
9 Scott Seiver $1,618,344 220 27 Farzad Bonyadi
10 Marvin Rettenmaier $1,196,858 152 18 Philippe Ktorza
11 David Rheem $1,150,297 146 15 Erick Lindgren
12 Keven Stammen $1,350,000 328 36 Byron Kaverman
13 Asher Conniff $973,683 239 27 Alexander Lakhov

[SS] “Some interesting factoids from the event:”

  • Only two players have reached more than one WPT World Championship final table (last six players); Hasin Habib finished 2nd in Season II and 3rd in Season III, while Phil Ivey finished 3rd in Season I and 6th in Season III. Justin Young and Scotty Nguyen came very close, both finishing 6th (Season IX and Season VI) and 8th (Season VII and Season VIII).3
  • Carlos Mortensen is the only player who has won both the World Series of Poker Main Event (2001) and the WPT World Championship (2007). Alan Goehring and David Williams both just missed; each won the WPT World Championship (2003 and 2010, respectively) and finished second at the WSOP Main Event (1999 and 2004). David Rheem final tabled the 2008 WSOP Main Event (7th place) then won the 2013 WPT World Championship. Doyle Brunson won the WSOP Main Event in 1976 and 1977 and placed 4th in the first WPT World Championship in 2003. Scotty Nguyen won the WSOP Main Event in 1998 and was the first to bust from the 2009 WPT World Championship final table.
  • Nine players have cashed four times: David Grey (III, IV, VI, VIII), David Williams (III, IV, VIII [1st], IX [14th]), Jeff Shulman (I, II, III, VI [all in top 20 except II]), Jennifer Harman (II, III, IV, VII [11th]), Jimmy Tran (I [12th], III, V [10th], VII), Justin Young (V, VII [8th], IX [6th], XII [15th]), Matthew Hyman (VI, VII, IX, XI [4th]), Phil Hellmuth (I, IV, V [18th], VIII [7th]), and Ross Boatman (II, IV, V, VII [all in Top 20 except V]).
  • Fifteen other players have cashed three times: Billy Baxter (IV, VI, VIII [5th]), Bob Stupak (III, V, VI), Daniel Negreanu (II, VI, XI [7th]), David Kim (II, IV, VI), Doyle Brunson (I [4th], IV, IX), Farzad Bonyadi (VII, IX [2nd], X), Johan Storakers (III, IV, V), Kenny Tran (IV, VI [10th], IX), Martin De Knijff (I [15th], II [1st], VI), Mikael Thuritz (IV, V, VI), Phil Ivey (I [3rd], III [6th], VII), Shawn Buchanan (IV, V, VIII [3rd]), Surinder Sunar (I, III, IV), Thomas Wahlroos (IV, V [7th], VI), and Tom McCormick (VI, IX [18th], X [14th]).4
  • Four of those players cashed in three consecutive years: Shulman (I-III), Harman (II-IV), Thuritz (IV-VI), and Wahlroos (IV-VI).

[SS] “The WPT World Championship ends the WPT season. Here are the hands that ended each of the championships.”

WPT World Championship Final Hands

Season Winner Hand Value Runner-Up Hand Value Board
1 Alan Goehring 8♥5♦ Full house,
8s over 5s
Kirill Gerasimov 8♦6♠ Straight,
2 Martin De Knijff T♠T♦ Pair of Tens Hasan Habib A♣5♣ Pair of 5s 4♥5♥2♣Q♦7♠
3 Tuan Le K♦J♦ Pair of Jacks Paul Maxfield K♠5♦ King-high J♥T♥3♠Q♥7♥
4 Joe Bartholdi 9♦5♥ Two Pairs,
Aces over 9s
Davidson Matthew T♥4♥ Pair of Aces A♥9♣8♥2♦A♦
5 Carlos Mortensen K♥J♥ Two Pairs,
Jacks over 3s
Kirk Morrison A♠4♦ Two Pairs,
4s over 3s
6 David Chiu A♠9♠ Three Aces Gus Hansen T♠8♥ Two Pairs,
Aces over Tens
7 Yevgeniy Timoshenko A♠3♣ Straight,
Ran Azor Q♣T♦ Two Pairs,
Queens over Tens
8 David Williams 2♦2♣ Three 2s Eric Baldwin A♥5♥ Pair of Aces A♦7♣6♠2♥4♣
9 Scott Seiver J♠9♦ Straight,
Farzad Bonyadi Q♠T♥ Two Pairs,
Queens over Tens
10 Marvin Rettenmaier K♠K♣ Two Pairs,
Aces over Kings
Philippe Ktorza J♥J♦ Two Pairs,
Aces over Jacks
11 David Rheem K♦9♣ Ace-high,
King kicker
Erick Lindgren Q♦9♦ Ace-high,
Queen kicker
12 Keven Stammen A♣8♠ Pair of Aces Byron Kaverman 4♠4♦ Pair of 4s Q♥9♣6♣3♥A♥
13 Asher Conniff A♠Q♥ Ace-high Alexander Lakhov T♥6♥ King-high 7♥5♦2♠4♠K♠

[SS] “Some final hand notes:”

  • The money has gone all-in before the flop every year except Seasons I and IV (flop), VI (turn), and IX (river).
  • 2014 marked the fifth time in the twelve years that the champion has rivered the winning hand, all with eight or fewer outs; Season I: Goehring filled his boat (3 outs), VI: Chiu hit a third Ace (8 outs, as he also could have hit a higher two-pair), VII: Timoshenko hit an inside straight (3 outs), IX: Seiver hit an open-ended straight (8 outs), and XII: Stammen rivered a higher pair (6 outs).
  • The best winning hand and the best losing hand were both in the first season, when Goehring’s boat overcame Gerasimov’s straight.
  • The worst winning hand was Rheem’s Ace-high in Season XI, when he outkicked Lindgren’s Ace-high, which was the second worst losing hand behind only Maxfield’s King-high in Season III.4
  • A flush has never appeared in the final hand (despite four hearts on the board in Season III).


  1. See this eHow article about the difference between buckeyes and horse chestnuts.
  2. In 2014, the event moved from Las Vegas’s Bellagio to Atlantic City’s Borgata, and the buyin was reduced from $25,000 to $15,000. That’s why the number of entries more than doubled while the payouts barely increased. Also known as the 2014 Borgata Spring Poker Open, the event promised five million dollars in payouts guaranteed, but Poker News reported only $4,852,400 while listing 36 prizes totaling $4,892,254. Where did the other hundred-plus thousand dollars go?

    The event was known as the WPT Championship for the first eight seasons.

    April 30, 2015 update: Asher Conniff won the Season XIII WPT World Championship.

  3. Two players joined this list in 2015. Carlos Mortensen added a 4th place finish to his Season V victory, while Tony Dunst joined Hasan Habib as the only back-to-back final tablists, finishing 6th this year and 3rd last year.
  4. Alexander Lakhov’s King-high, Ten kicker in 2015 is now the worst losing hand as Maxfield had a Queen kicker in 2005.
  5. Carlos Mortensen added his third WPT World Championship cash in 2015.

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