2015 WSOP Schedule

[RR] “The NBA and NHL playoffs go on forever. Pretty soon they’ll be playing ice hockey in the summer!” Roderick the Rock complained.

[SS] “Actually, the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals ended on June 24, three days after summer began”, Stan the Stat corrected. “And that was only a six-game series.”

[RR] “Regardless, I’m ready for the World Series!”

[FF] “But that’s not until October!” Figaro the Fish objected.

[RR] “Not the baseball World Series, the World Series of Poker!”

[SS] “You don’t have long to wait. It starts on Wednesday.”

[RR] “That seems early. Did they add even more events?” Roderick the Rock inquired.

[SS] “No, it’s exactly the same day it started last year. But they did pack in three more events. The main addition is a couple of new low buy-in events. 2013 and 2014 both had one event under $1,000, and that was the Casino Employee-only event. This year’s schedule has that plus two open Hold ‘Em tournaments,1 one at $5652 and one at $777.”

[SS] “The high end of the buy-in scale is about the same though. The One Drop continues to alternate buy-ins so after last year’s million-dollar event, we’re back to $111,111 this time. And after last year’s explosion of $10,000 events (from 4 to 13) there’s just one more this year.”

[LL] “What’s this I heard about some strange mash-up of online and live poker???” Leroy the Lion asked.

[SS] “Well, the hybrid WSOP.com Online No-Limit Hold’em event was supposed to start as an online tournament but finish with heads-up play at the casino in classic fashion.”

[RR] “So that’s not true anymore? They’re just going to play it all out online?”

[SS] “No, actually they expanded the live part to the entire final table but added a travel day to give the last six players plenty of time to get to the Rio.”3

[RR] “Good idea; you don’t want them rushing to the casino with no rest. The ends of poker tournaments can drag out longer than the last few minutes of a NBA game.”

[LL] “Or even a six-overtime NHL game.”


  1. The number of Texas Hold ‘Em events increased by four, bouncing back to 2013’s total but still accounting for a lower percentage of the events (60.3% vs. 66.1%).
  2. The Colossus will likely break the record for most total entries in a live re-entry poker tournament. Last year’s $1,500 Millionaire Maker had 5,044 players, some of whom rebought for a total of 7,977 entries. The Colossus will allow two more re-entries per player (four total entries), and players will be more likely to rebuy as the entry fee is only 37.7% as high. {Update: May 31, 2015: The Colossus drew a record 22,374 entries.}
  3. Players need to be in Nevada even for the online portion.

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