2017 WSOP Schedule

[SS] “I knew the World Series of Poker would go over 70 events this year,” Stan the Stat mentioned, “but I didn’t think it’d jump all the way to 74. That’s the largest increase since nine events were added in 2007.”

[LL] “It’s great to know that the poker economy is doing well”, Leroy the Lion remarked.

[SS] “Yes, although some of the new events are low buyin tournaments, so they’re also catering to poker players with smaller bankrolls. Because of that, it’s not surprising that No-Limit Hold ‘Em, the most popular game for casual players, accounts for most of the increase.1 Two of new events are online, so that’s an interesting trend.”

[LL] “I’ll bet the WSOP hopes those events do well; so much less overhead for them! If we could only get the laws changed, imagine how huge the WSOP could be if you could play from anywhere in the world instead of having to be in Nevada.”

[RR] “With 3D holograms of the players, so you could still read their body language!” Roderick the Rock suggested.

[SS] “Still many years off, unfortunately. The WSOP actually had great success at the other end of the social spectrum last year as well with the new team event. They’ve added a second one this year with a $10,000 buyin.”

[RR] “I wonder if that will attract mostly pro teams.”

[LL] “I would guess so. Lots of amateurs play in the $10,000 Main Event, but a good chunk of them satellite in. Since I don’t see this event having satellites, even $2,500 a head is going to deter most casual players.”

[SS] “The WSOP has those players covered, too. The new $333-buyin WSOP.com Online and $365-buyin Giant No-Limit Hold ‘Em events are the cheapest one-person open events in the history of the WSOP,2. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new record for field size.”3

[SS] “Oh, and one last piece of news… after an appropriate nine years, the November Nine is history. This year will have just a two day break after the Main Event final table is set, so the champion will be determined in July again.”

[LL] “Probably another result of ESPN’s cutbacks. I wouldn’t be surprised if the decision was mostly financially-related.”

[SS] “Undoubtedly. ESPN also sold coverage rights to Poker Central. This is great if you like to watch the WSOP almost live on a thirty-minute delay.”

WSOP Event Comparison: 2017 vs. 2016

By Game Type:

Game Type 2016 2017 Change
Hold ‘Em 38 42 +4
Lowball4 8 6 -1
Omaha 11 11 0
Stud 4 4 0
Mixed Games4 9 11 +2

By Limit Type:

Limit Type 2016 2017 Change
Limit 16 17 +1
Pot Limit 10 11 +1
No Limit 37 39 +2
Mixed Limit 6 7 +1

By Buyin:

Buyin 2016 2017 Change
$333 0 1 +1
$365 0 1 +1
$565 3 3 0
$888 1 1 0
$1,000 11 11 0
$1,111 1 0 -1
$1,500 23 24 +1
$2,000 1 0 -1
$2,500 3 4 +1
$2,620 0 1 +1
$3,000 7 6 -1
$3,333 0 1 +1
$5,000 3 3 0
$10,000 13 15 +2
$25,000 1 1 0
$50,000 1 1 0
$111,000 1 1 0


  1. The total amount needed to play every event increased from $410,805 to $428,694, but the average buyin dropped from $5,954 to $5,793.
  2. The previous low for a single-person open event was $500, done many times. The 1977 Women’s Championship ($100) and the 1978 Women’s Championship ($200) remain the lowest buyin events ever.
  3. The largest event was the 2015 $565 Colossus, which attracted 22,374 players. See the top ten Biggest WSOP Fields.
  4. For this chart, Lowball events include Lowball, Deuce-to-Seven Draw/Triple Draw/Mixed Triple Draw, and Razz.

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{ June 9, 2017 update: There are 42 Hold ‘Em events and 8 Lowball events, not 43 and 7. }

{ April 24, 2018 update: amended to correct one mixed event that had been incorrectly categorized as a No Limit Hold ‘Em event. }

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