2018 WSOP Main Event Winner – John Cynn

[SS] “Truly epic Main Event this year!” Stan the Stat gushed.

[LL] “The second most players ever, an outrageous final table bubble burst, a former champion (Joe Cada) and a former 11th place finisher (John Cynn) at the final table, which ends up being the longest ever, and a fantastic heads-up duel lasting until almost 5 a.m.!” Leroy the Lion agreed.

[SS] “Yes, the 7,874 players was behind only the 8,773 in 2006, in the midst of the poker explosion.”

[RR] “Do you think we’ll break that record soon?” Roderick the Rock wondered.

[SS] “Certainly. With the legalization of sports gambling, online poker is sure to follow and spread to more U.S. states. That will lead to more entrants over the next few years from more people playing in general and more Main Event satellites.”

[LL] “Main Events like this one will help, too! The three-way, double-all-in hand to set the final table was almost unbelievable. Nicolas Manion leaps into the chip lead over Michael Dyer, Antoine Labat is fairly crippled, and Yueqi Zhu exits in tenth place when he and Labat both woke up with Kings only to run into Manion’s Pocket Rockets. The only way that could have been more exciting was if the Aces had been cracked by a flush or straight.”

[SS] “And perhaps fittingly, Manion couldn’t hold on to those chips, ending up in fourth place.1 Michael Dyer, who held a dominating lead before the final table and again with six players remaining, barely outlasted him, finishing third, while Cynn made up most of his deficit to Tony Miles. Heads up is where the real fun began.”

[LL] “Yeah, Miles and Cynn were pretty evenly matched, although I really liked the way Cynn had been playing for the whole final table.”

[SS] “And continued to play. Other than getting bluffed off the championship-clinching hand at one point, I didn’t think he made any major mistakes. The final table ended up lasting a record 442 hands, with heads up going a record 199 hands and 10 hours, partly because Miles saved match point when Cynn folded a weak two pairs to his bluff way back at 8:30 p.m. The chip lead switched numerous times, but Cynn never seemed to be in serious trouble. The one time Miles had a chance to gain a 3-to-1 chip lead, he couldn’t find a river call with just fourth pair, although it turns out he had Cynn outkicked.

Finally, Cynn flopped three Kings and let Miles bluff off his remaining chips on the turn. Cynn took a while2 before making the correct call and had Miles drawing dead.”

[LL] “Congrats to Cynn for making this the year of Cynn City!”3

[SS] “A Cynntillating performance.”

[RR] “Truly Cynnsensational!”

2018 World Series of Poker Main Event Summary

Dates 7/2/2018 to 7/15/2018
Players 7,874 (1,182 cashed)
Winner John Cynn ($8,800,000, U.S.)
Runner-Up Tony Miles ($5,000,000)
Final Table Bubble Boy Yueqi Zhu (10th, $850,025)
Money Bubble Boy Matthew Hopkins (1,183rd)
Last Former Champ Standing Joe Cada (5th, $2,150,000)
Last Woman Standing Kelly Minkin (50th, $156,265)
Last Celebrity Standing Ray Romano (did not cash)
In 52 Characters or Less Cynn City! Indianan goes 10 places better than 2016.


  1. Antoine Labat, who started the final table last in chips, was 9th. Artem Metalidi also did not improve his position and ended 8th. Alex Lynskey barely played a hand and exited in 7th (from 5th), allowing Aram Zobian (6th) and Joe Cada (5th) each to slide up one place.
  2. There was a small controversy, when Miles accused Cynn of slowrolling, but Miles later apologized. Cynn’s three Kings were far from the nuts, losing to King-Queen, Ace-King, and various full houses.
  3. Norman Chad said this phrase during the broadcast, although he certainly wasn’t the first to use it.

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