“Kill Phil” Review

[LL] “Phil Hellmuth may not be the best behaved poker pro, but his results are indisputably excellent, especially in No Limit Hold ‘Em tournaments”, Leroy the Lion conceded. “Blair Rodman and Lee Nelson propose a strategy for turning the tables and putting the pressure on the Poker Brat, Phil Gordon, Phil Ivey, Phil Laak, and any other top player whether they’re named Phil or not.”

[RR] “But without all the gratuitous violence in the Kill Bill standard hand group charts, they’re about three groups apart. The gap is for a good reason: you only flop a flush draw about 11% of the time with suited cards. And that’s not even taking into account the expensive times when you hit your flush and run into a bigger one.

Kill Phil is best suited to beginners who want something that’ll work quickly and players of any skill who have the mentality to embrace the swingy nature of longball.”

Title Kill Phil
Author Blair Rodman & Lee Nelson
Year 2005
Skill Level Beginner/Intermediate
Pros Presents a system that a complete novice can learn in a few hours and have a competitive chance at winning a poker tournament.
Cons Playing style may antagonize opponents and requires more than usual patience.
Rating 3.5

Women in Poker Hall of Fame Playing Card Deck: The Sevens

[LL] “The last group contains just the second member of the class of 2018”, Leroy the Lion said. “Here are the Sevens:”1

Lupe Soto


Lupe Soto

Lupe Soto
Born: 1958 (Milpitas, CA)
Occupation: Poker Promoter
in Poker
Hall of Fame
Quote: “I founded the Women in Poker Hall of Fame because during my trek and my discovery I learned of these phenomenal women that had done something. I didn’t know who they were. They needed to be in the limelight.” — Lup Soto (May 16, 2018 Top Pair podcast).
  • Created the Women in Poker Hall of Fame in 2008.
  • Founded the Ladies International Poker Series in 2004.
  • CEO of the nonprofit Poker Gives. CEO of the Senior Poker Tour.


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