“52 Tips Hold ’em Poker” Review

[LL] “I wasn’t much of a writer in college”, Leroy the Lion reminisced, “but Expository Writing was a required course, and I always struggled to meet the minimum length requirements for the papers. On one particular assignment, I couldn’t even get to five pages without starting halfway down the first page, double-spacing, and adding huge margins.”1

[RR] “And if I remember right, you managed to graduate without writing anything much longer”, Roderick the Rock confirmed.

[LL] “Yep. No thesis. Nothing longer than ten pages. Little did I know that I’d be writing 200-page user guides in the near future.”

[RR] “Were you going somewhere with this?”

[LL] “I did have a point… which was that Barry Shulman has also mastered the art of content expansion. Shulman, who runs Card Player magazine with his son Jeff, called his own number to write a ’52 Tips’ series of poker books starting in 2005. The first book, titled 52 Tips for Texas Hold’em Poker, covered just Limit Hold ‘Em despite the more general name. The following year’s sequel was the one I wanted and bought, 52 Tips for No-Limit Hold’em Poker.

Despite physically occupying 135 pages, copious white space (including huge card graphics that take up half a page for each of the 52 tips and an average of almost that much emptiness at the end of each section) means the actual content could have fit comfortably in about 80 pages. What’s in the book is pretty good, but there just isn’t much of it. Almost every piece of advice leaves the reader pondering follow-up questions that go unaddressed.2

On the plus side, the variety is good. Although I don’t agree with all of the advice, you could do worse for an introductory book. This can’t be the only one you read but hopefully leaves you wanting to learn more about the great game of No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em! Just not from Barry Shulman though, as he never did get around to writing a third book for the series.”

Title 52 Tips for No-Limit Hold’em Poker
Author Barry Shulman & Roy Rounder
Year 2006
Skill Level Beginner
Pros Concise, easy to digest articles with sound advice.
Cons Very short, with no depth anywhere.
Rating 2.5


  1. Maybe my mistake was choosing the science writing course. I just didn’t have that much to say about vernier calipers.
  2. For example, how can you cover “Knowing What Your Opponents Are Holding” in a single page? That’s a subject worthy of entire books.

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