A Round at the Pub: Multitabling

Oliver the Overanxious thought he was about to bust out of the tournament. He’d gotten his chips in good with a pair of Kings against Ace-Queen suited, but when an Ace flopped he quickly he quickly asked for dibs on the eighth and last spot in the side game. When his two-outer failed to hit on the turn or river, he stood up and was about to switch to where a new set of chips waiting for him. However, the final count of the chip stacks showed that he still had a couple big blinds left.

Rather than risk losing his seat in the ring game, Oliver figured he’d walk back and forth a few feet and play both games until he busted out of the tournament, since that would likely be soon enough. But the poker gods love to have a little fun. He doubled up twice with a pair of Sevens and a pair of Fives then tripled up a couple hands later when his shove from the button got no respect from either blind and his Ace-Jack hit top pair, top kicker and held on.

Back to an average tournament stack, Oliver asked the ring players to move their table a little closer, and they obliged, shifting their seats over.

[OO] “This is cool”, Oliver opined. “I haven’t multitabled since Black Friday.”

[LL] “You know the saying, ‘A chip and a chair’?” Leroy the Lion opened rhetorically. “Oliver has two chips and half a chair.”

[KK] “He might end up being bubble boy, but he’s already double boy”, Kieran the Keeper noted.

[PP] “Oliver always has to put his own spin on things”, Patrick the Pickled suggested.

Facing sideways at both tables, the Overanxious did very well keeping up with both games, but his tournament life faced extinction again with four players left. He called a medium-sized raise in the big blind with the 8♦7♦. At the ring table, he did likewise with 8♣7♣.

The two flops gave him matching nut straights: 6♣5♥4♣ in the tournament and 6♦5♦4♠ in the side game. It didn’t take long to get all his chips in twice, quickly called in both cases. But the 5♣ on one side and the 4♦ on the other gave his respective opponents flushes, and Oliver was double-busted.

[KK] Kieran delivered the eulogy with his best witch voice, “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and called on bubble.”1

[OO] “Nought’s had, all’s spent… What’s done is done”,2 Oliver lamented. “But I would have had two straight flushes if I could have swapped my hole cards!”


  1. Paraphrasing William Shakespeare’s witches from Macbeth, Act IV, Scene i (“cauldron”).
  2. Ibid. Lady Macbeth, Act III, Scene ii.

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