A Round at the Pub: Pair There, Everywhere

Harriet the Hazy was the only female at the table, but that didn’t mean that she would let the guys bully her. After all, she had lived for years with a husband and two sons, and that was no walk in the park. When she spied the 8♠8♦ under the gun, she limped, fully expecting to have to call a raise. What she hadn’t counted on was a raise, a reraise, and an all-in reraise. Leroy the Lion then folded, but the next three players called.

It was Chinese New Year’s, and Harriet knew that Eights were lucky in that culture. The biggest Chinese supermarket in Chinatown was even called the 88. Despite the insufficient pot odds, which she never even considered, she called for her whole stack, which was the second biggest at the table, behind the last raiser’s. The next two players almost instantly joined her in the pot.

In tournaments, the rule is that you have to reveal your hole cards in all-in situations. In ring games, players usually have the option to show or not show, but the culture at the pub was to show so that everyone could fully enjoy the festivities. Carlos the Crazy, the first all-in bettor, flipped over Q♠Q♥, only to be outdone by Al the Almost’s K♠K♣ and Oliver the Overanxious’s A♥A♣. Harriet turned over her Eights, Kieran the Keeper showed 9♠9♥, Quincy the Quick 10♥10♣, and lastly, Patrick the Pickled completed the collection with J♠J♣.

[LL] The oohs and aahs had crescendoed with each reveal, and when the table had finally calmed down, Leroy commented, “And of course, I folded a pair of Sevens.”

Carlos finally dealt the 10♦J♦Q♣ flop and remarked, “I’ve seen set over set plenty of times, but I’ve never seen set over set over set on the flop. I wish this were like the Wild West, and I could bet my horse and the deed to my house now.”

[KK] “Everyone else has a straight draw though”, Kieran contributed. “You might have to walk home. Except that you wouldn’t have a home to walk home to!”

With a smirk, Carlos put out the turn: K♦.

[OO] “Yes!” Oliver exulted as he hit the nut straight.

[KK] “Wrong end for me. Your horse sure is going to miss you though, Carlos.”

[AA] Al the Almost added, “I also just hit a set though, so Oliver needs to dodge four different quads.”

With a flourish, Carlos flipped over and sent the river frisbeeing in the air.

[OO] Despite the rotations, Oliver easily identified the red Ace and moaned, “Chopped! Worst card in the deck, putting a straight on the board for a seven-way split.”

[CC] The A♦ landed slightly askew but right next to the King. “Wait a sec, does anyone have a diamond?” Carlos asked.

[LL] “I did”, Leroy lamented, but only for a moment. “Harriet has the Eight of diamonds!”

[HH] “I do!” the Hazy one realized, agreeing to a big win, not her third marriage. Her third nut flush took down the massive pot while everyone else but Patrick went to go get some more chips. “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!”


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