A Round at the Pub: Playing Blind

Carlos the Crazy raised to three times the big blind on principle when the action folded to him on the button.

[AA] Al the Almost, ever observant, wanted to make sure of what he thought he saw, “You haven’t looked at your cards yet have you?”

[CC] “That’s right”, Carlos confirmed.

Al was looking at the J♥10♦ and decided to just call.

Getting the big blind discount Oliver the Overanxious tagged along.

[CC] The flop was 9♠6♣2♥, which Al and Oliver both checked. “A hundred”, Carlos proffered. “That hit my range much harder than it hit yours.”

Mildly flustered but sitting on two overs and a backdoor straight draw, Al called. Oliver folded.

The turn brought the 7♠, and Al checked his inside straight draw.

[CC] Carlos continued his blind attack. “Two hundred. You’ve got squat.”

With insufficient pot odds for his draw, Al reluctantly gave up, and Carlos taunted him by flipping over his hole cards at last, revealing the 5♣3♣.

[OO] “Augh! I had you both beat”, the Overanxious one complained.

[CC] “You gotta be in it to win it”, Carlos needled.

On the next hand, Kieran the Keeper opened to three times the big blind from under the gun, and the action folded to Carlos, who called, again choosing not to look at his cards. Al had the A♥5♥ and called in position. The blinds folded, and the flop was 8♦7♣3♣. Kieran made a small continuation bet of a third of the pot, Carlos called, and Al folded.

[KK] Kieran checked the 6♥ turn, and Carlos instantly bet out half the pot. The Keeper eyed him suspiciously and inquired, “You still haven’t looked at your hole cards?”

[CC] “Nope. No need. I’m way ahead of you.”

Kieran folded, showing his A♦Q♣, and Carlos reciprocated, flipping over the K♦2♠.

[KK] “!@%$#^&*”

For the third straight hand, Carlos entered the pot without knowing what he had, this time calling a standard preflop raise from Patrick the Pickled. Everyone else folded, and the two saw a 10♦6♥6♦ flop. Patrick led out for a third of the pot, and Carlos instantly called.

The turn was the K♣ and the Pickled one bet two-fifths of the pot. The Crazy one called again.

The river was the harmless looking 2♥, and Patrick fired another bullet for nearly half the pot. At last, Carlos couldn’t take the pressure and looked at his hole cards. A big grin spread across his face as he raised about three-fifths of the pot.

[PP] “I don’t believe you”, Patrick accused as he called and turned over the K♠10♠ for two pairs.

[CC] “You should have. That wasn’t a false tell”, Carlos defended, and showed his 6♣4♦ for trips.

[PP] “With luck like that, I hope you bought some Powerball tickets.”


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