A Round at the Pub: Silver Lining

[LL] “I was just watching Stuart Little 2 with my kids, and Stuart’s dad1 is always telling him to ‘look for the silver lining’ in any bad situation”, Leroy the Lion explained during the side game. “Well, I’d rather be at my regular basketball game tonight, but I’m injured, so playing poker with you guys is my silver lining.”

[KK] “What’s wrong with you?” Kieran the Keeper inquired.

[LL] “My wife says I’m stubborn, lazy, and compassionless… Oh, you mean my injury. Old age mostly. Pulled a calf muscle just running down the court.”

[KK] “Well, we’re always glad you can join us. Especially when you donate your chips to me like you just did in the tournament.”

Earlier in the night Leroy had busted out with a pair of Nines when Kieran, whom he put on a bluff, had actually flopped a set with his Queens.

[LL] Leroy watched in amazement as players seemingly managed to get all their chips into the pot every few hands with nothing more than second pair or less. Having doubled up with his only good hand of the night, he took a flyer on the final hand with A♦4♣, calling a raise to five times the big blind from the dealer after everyone had limped. It was the last hand of the night, so he expected everyone else to call, and they did. With 600 in the pot, the flop was a beauty: 5♣3♦2♥! In most other games, he’d slowplay this to maximize profits, but here there was little risk of chasing everyone away with a bet. “250”, Leroy pronounced, placing a single green chip in front of his stack.

Not too surprisingly, everyone called, building the pot to 2,100. The turn was the safe K♠, so Leroy led out again, for 1,000. Two players reluctantly folded, but two players called, Oliver the Overanxious for the rest of his chips. Then the button, Patrick the Pickled raised all-in for more than three times the pot. The Lion instantly called for his last 1,500 with a shrug, and the Keeper, who had plenty of chips left, went into the tank. After a minute, he called hopefully.

Patrick flipped over the 6♣4♠ with a loud laugh, Leroy showed meekly, Oliver turned over the 9♥6♠, and Kieran revealed the K♥5♦. Leroy and Oliver each had two outs for a split, while Kieran had four for a winning full house.

[LL] When the harmless 10♦ landed on the felt, Patrick started to rake in the massive pot, and Leroy purposefully ranted, “You guys are crazy! You {turning his head toward Patrick} raised big preflop with six-four offsuit, you {looking at Oliver} called with total garbage, and you {gazing at Kieran} tagged along with just a weak King. How can I ever put any of you on a hand?” But in his mind, the Lion knew that in the long run, he’d benefit from the ultra-loose play with his stronger preflop hand range. It might take a while, but that was the silver lining of getting stacked tonight.


  1. Mr. Frederick Little, played by Hugh Laurie.

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