An Unlucky Visit to the Pub

Umberto the Unlucky didn’t usually play in the pub game since it was too far from home, but because he was in the city on business that day, he joined Leroy the Lion and Carlos the Crazy for dinner before they hit the freeroll tournament. Not surprisingly, Umberto was the first player out of the tournament, having lost with a set of Jacks when his opponent filled an inside straight on the river.

His unluck continued in the side game. Leroy and Carlos had told him how loose and crazy the action was, so he resolved to play tighter than usual and see flops with the best hand most of the time. Two buy-ins later, his friends finally joined the table and asked how he was doing.

[UU] “What can you do when your under the gun eight big-blind preflop raise gets called by everyone at the table? I folded a pair of Queens when the small blind bet and the big blind raised the Seven-Six-Four flop”, Umberto whined by way of an answer. “What can you do when your opponents keep turning Eight-Five offsuit into nut straights, Queen-Two suited into flushes, and King-Three offsuit into two pairs over your Ace-King?”

[LL] “It’ll all work out in the long run”, Leroy noted sympathetically.

[CC] “Although the only way you’ll get ‘The Long Run’ tonight is by downloading the Eagles album to your iPhone”, Carlos quipped.

[UU] “I’d be happy to get just one buy-in back, but having you guys join us didn’t help my chances.”

[LL] “I’m on your left, and Carlos is on your right. Isn’t that exactly how you’d want it?”

[UU] “Well, at least now I see where Carlos honed his style the last few years.”

[LL] “Yeah, that’s why I try not to come here too often; I’ll need to unlearn everything I learn here. I’m Linus in a roomful of Lucys”

After a few relatively uneventful hands, Carlos lost his stack when he flopped set-under-set and didn’t hit his quads and left the table to get more chips. Umberto looked down in the big blind to find a lovely pair of red Aces. Almost every hand had been raised preflop, usually with at least half the table seeing the flop, but the Unlucky started to get antsy when Leroy started a chain of folds that circled the table rapidly. And sure enough, for the first time since he had joined the table, everyone folded to the big blind. With a dead small blind on the hand, Carlos failed to win even a single chip with his pocket rockets.

[LL] “Congrats. A short walk to begin your long run.”

[UU] “At least it was better than getting them cracked.”


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