Card Protectors

[UU] “What’s that you’re using as a card protector now?” Umberto the Unlucky asked Deb the Duchess.

[DD] “It’s a THETA Poker chip, for my favorite app, THETA Poker Pro”, Deb replied. “I used it for the first time at last month’s home tournament and took first place!”

[UU] “Can I borrow it from you? I sure could use a boost of good luck.”

[DD] “Are you kidding me? That would be like the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. One of you might explode.”

[SS] “Maybe you could charge him to use it”, Stan the Stat suggested, “like Doyle Brunson does with his Casper Ghostbuster card cap.”

[RR] “I thought he sold that to Howard Lederer”, Roderick the Rock informed.

[SS] “He did, but he bought it back. I think Texas Dolly’s will bequeaths it to the Professor though.”

[UU] “How about if you give me the THETA Poker protector if I knock you out of tonight’s tournament, like how Greg Raymer signs a fossil for his conqueror.”

[DD] “After I win the World Series of Poker Main Event, I’ll consider it.”

[RR] “How did you get it anyway?”

[DD] “I bought a customized card cap on eBay and submitted this graphic of the chip from the App Store. I thought it came out really well:”

THETA Poker Icon Card Protector
THETA Poker Icon THETA Poker Card Protector

[DD] “And it’s already paid for itself many times over.”

[SS] “I like it; it’s appropriate, subtle, and actually legal for WSOP use.”

[RR] “What do you mean by that?”

[SS] “Brunson’s rock is within spec as are the Fossilman’s flat fossils, but Humberto Brenes’s shark, Steve Dannenmann’s globe, and many other card protectors I’ve seen1 are too tall. The WSOP rules state:”

There will be no foreign objects on the table except for a maximum of one card cap (also known as a card protector).
Card caps can be no larger than two (2) inches in diameter and no more than one-half (1/2) inch in depth.2

[RR] “Not high on their enforcement list, apparently.”

[SS] “Why did you suddenly start using a card protector? Most of us don’t.”

[DD] “I was scared straight by these two Poker News articles, which include the painful way Estelle Denis was crippled at the 2009 WSOP Main Event. I never want that to happen to me!”


  1. Like Yoda, Stewie, the Buddha (first Poker News article), Bugs Bunny, and the dragon (second Poker News article).
  2. Quoted from the 2014 WSOP Rules, Section 106 (Foreign Objects).

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