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Miscellaneous Posts

Although every Hold ‘Em at Home article is about Texas Hold ‘Em in some way, variety has always been a goal of the blog. Some posts, however, have been a little more varied than the rest:

{ Note: the four trivia game shows of the fictitious Poker Game Show Network probably belong on this list but were already featured on Television Posts. }


  1. Honorable mention goes to the related One Outer, One Outer (based on a real hand that I was guilty of dealing).

Instructional Posts

Two of my main goals for developing the THETA Poker Pro iOS app were to help other people improve their Texas Hold ‘Em skills and to improve my own abilities.

When I started the Hold ‘Em at Home blog, I had the same two goals in mind. Although I delve a lot into poker history and less serious topics, I’ve also tried to put together a series of instructional articles that would help a player go from absolute beginner to strong amateur. Some of these posts may only help you look better at the table, but even those are useful if you want to project confidence…


Other Major Series Posts

The Hold ‘Em at Home blog has also covered several other current major poker series that culminate in an major Main Event contested in No Limit Hold ‘Em.

World Poker Tour

Aussie Millions

Irish Open

{ Note: The European Poker Tour will be featured next month. }


World Series of Poker Posts

Not every event played at the World Series of Poker is Texas Hold ‘Em, but over half1 of them still are, including the Main Event, the most revered tournament in poker.

Thus, it’s not surprising that the Hold ‘Em at Home blog talks about the WSOP a lot. Many of us dream of playing in the Main Event or even one of the smaller buy-in tournaments some day… These articles are sorted by original post date but hopefully most have been updated as needed:


  1. From 2013 to 2015, the percentage of Hold ‘Em events dropped from 66.1% to 56.9% then bounced back up to 60.3%.

{ Post updated on August 4, 2016 }


Poker Lingo Posts

Every article in the Hold ‘Em at Home blog talks about poker, but only a few talk about talking about poker. If you want to sit comfortably at a table playing poker, you need to understand the lingo:


Book Posts

The Hold ‘Em at Home gang have reviewed several poker books:

Stan the Stat rated all the No Limit Hold ‘Em poker books in his library and also commented on Amazon’s Top Ten Best Selling Poker Books of 2014.1


  1. From this PokerBug blog post by guest author Jason of YourHandSucks.

Television Posts

The most famous television Post is Mike Post, the musician who wrote the theme songs for a few dozen famous television shows.1. Stan the Stat is no musician, but he wrote down a few dozen of the most famous poker television shows in four themed lists:

The Hold ‘Em at Home gang watched four television game shows featuring poker trivia on the fictional Poker Game Show Network. You can play along with:


  1. Mike Post’s best theme songs [with peak Billboard Hot 100 ranking where applicable, else just the show’s first year] include:

Movie Posts

Although poker frowns upon Hollywooding, Hollywood certainly loves poker. Of course, we’d prefer quality over quantity, but we’ll take what we can get.

Before the three popular posts about the first and last hands from Rounders and the last hand of Casino Royale, the Hold ‘Em at Home blog actually kicked off with Mike McDermott’s explanation of Texas Hold ‘Em in Rounders, and the M and Q article couldn’t help referencing the two James Bond characters while actually discussing Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker.

Stan’s Lists have tackled movies in three different ways. Movie Taglines noted eighteen films that were about poker or just sounded like they were; Poker Movies listed Stan’s favorite poker movies and documentaries; and Poker Movie Scenes listed his favorite scenes, even if the movies otherwise had nothing to do with poker.

Of course, if Rounders 2 ever gets made, it’ll fill this blog for months…


Top Hold ‘Em at Home Posts from 2014

And here are the most popular posts from the second year of the blog:

Most Popular 2014 Hold ‘Em at Home Blog Posts

Rank Post Title (with link to post)
1 Stan’s Lists – Poker Reality Television Shows
2 Stan’s Lists – Poker Players on Reality Shows
3 Big One for One Drop 2014
4 “Poker Plays You Can Use” Review
5 Stan’s Lists – WSOP Main Event Streaks
6 Stan’s Lists – Last Woman Standing at the World Series of Poker Main Event
7 Stan’s Lists – The Irish Open
8 Texas Hold ‘Em for the Blind and Visually Impaired
9 Stan’s Lists – WPT Career Records
10 2014 WSOP Main Event Polarized Payouts

Again, quite a mix: two articles about television shows (disappointing but not surprising that they’re the top two) and a bunch about various major Hold ‘Em tournaments. I’m happy that my article about the blind and visually impaired made the list; they’ve been incredibly supportive of THETA Poker Pro, and with their help I’ve tried to make my iOS app one of the best games you can play on any device without needing to see your screen.


Top Hold ‘Em at Home Posts from 2013

{ NOTE: The Hold ‘Em at Home gang will be taking a break while the Pro AI level1 of THETA Poker Pro nears completion. For the next few months, please enjoy meta-posts like this one. Maybe you’ll discover an interesting post you hadn’t seen before or reread an old favorite… }

I started the Hold ‘Em at Home blog on January 31, 2013. Full of enthusiasm, overflowing with ideas, and dreading the emptiness of the blog, I posted an article every day for the first month before switching to every weekday for six weeks. Since then, I’ve posted one article a week early each Friday.

The topics have varied greatly, but every article has been about Texas Hold ‘Em in some way. I thought by looking at the most popular articles, I could discover what areas I should focus on, but the fact is that you readers do like a wide range of subject matter. Here are the most popular posts that I published in the first 11 months:

Most Popular 2013 Hold ‘Em at Home Blog Posts

Rank Post Title (with link to post)
1 Stan’s Lists – Poker Player Nicknames Explained
2 Texas Hold ‘Em Odds from 1 to 52
3 Stan’s Lists – English Idioms from Poker
4 Rounders First Hand
5 Stan’s Lists – Chip Tricks
6 Rounders Last Hand
7 Stan’s Lists – Poker Player Catchphrases
8 The Most Famous Hold ‘Em Hand
9 A New Game in Town – THETA Poker Pro
10 A Decade After Chris Moneymaker

The number one post isn’t a surprise, as everyone likes to know where nicknames come from. But number two is a bit of a head-scratcher as that post has almost no useful content (or rather, the information is too hodgepodge to be of much use). I understand that lots of people search for phrases like “Texas Hold ‘Em Odds”, but my article currently only ranks #39 on Google (#135 on Bing); how many people tap on links at the bottom of the fourth page of search results?


  1. The Pro skill level is mostly about hand reading, as you may have deduced from recent posts.