“The Everything Texas Hold’em Book” Review

[DD] Moved to a new table shortly after the rebuy period ended, Deb the Duchess was pretty short-stacked but not so much that she needed to shove preflop. With A♠5♠ in middle position she limped and Iggy the Improver min-raised from the button. “Why so small?” Deb wondered aloud, hoping to gain some information.

[II] As the blinds folded, Iggy responded, “That’s my standard raise today.”

[RR] “That can only mean…” Roderick the Rock speculated. “What new book are you reading now?”

[II] “I’ve been running really bad lately, so I thought I’d go back to the basics. I’m about two-thirds done rereading The Everything Texas Hold’em Book.”

[RR] “Well, as beginner’s books go, that one’s not too bad”, Rod commented with a sly smile. “It even gets into some intermediate skills.”

[DD] After the blinds folded, Deb made the easy call, and the flop produced A♥8♠3♠. “Check”, Deb announced, hoping to check-raise all-in with her top pair and nut flush draw. But when Iggy min-bet, she called instead, since now she could see the turn almost for free.

The turn was an innocent-looking 6♦. Deb checked again to see what Iggy would do, and he min-bet again! The Duchess couldn’t fold but still didn’t want to risk her stack and settled for another call. The river was the 6♠, making her flush. One final check, expecting another min-bet, would let her shove all-in for just over the pot. Iggy obliged, and Deb counted to ten before announcing her all-in raise.

[DD] Iggy insta-called while flipping over pocket Aces for the full house, and Deb sadly showed her flush while getting up to leave. “You slowplayed that the whole way.”

[II] “No, I wasn’t trying to…”

[DD] Later in the evening after Iggy and Rod had busted out of the tournament and joined Deb, the Duchess asked the Improver, “What was all that min-betting about if you weren’t slowplaying?”

[RR] Before Iggy could answer though, Roderick intervened, “I didn’t think it would be fair to Iggy to say this earlier, but The Everything Hold’em Book is mostly about Limit Hold ‘Em.”

[AA/DD] “Oh!” cried Iggy and Deb simultaneously.

[RR] “It’s a bit of shame, too, since it’s a pretty good book otherwise.”

[II] “I agree. It has a straightforward introduction to Hold ‘Em and covers outs, pot odds, position, domination, and player types. It also has a bunch of great charts.”

[RR] “Yep, just don’t expect anything remotely useful about bet sizing. The two No Limit Tournament chapters that you haven’t gotten to yet don’t even cover the topic. While you can definitely glean some helpful information throughout the book, it isn’t appropriate for us No Limit players.”

Title The Everything Texas Hold’em Book
Author John “Johnny Quads” Wenzel
Year 2006
Skill Level Beginner
Pros Solid introduction to Texas Hold ‘Em. Includes lots of useful charts. Covers all the basics plus some intermediate material.
Cons Too much about Limit Hold ‘Em and not enough about No Limit. Except for the two chapters specifically about No Limit Tournaments, every piece of advice refers to Limit.
Rating 2.0 (out of five) for No Limit players; 4.0 for Limit players

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