Happy Pokerful New Year!

[HH] “What a great idea!” Harriet the Hazy beamed. “A New Year’s poker celebration!”

[AA] “With players from both the home and pub games”, Al the Almost added in affirmation.

[PP] “I appreciate being invited anywhere there’s alcohol…” Patrick the Pickled rejoiced.

[PP] “… I mean, anywhere people are in good spirits”, he reconsideredly voiced.

[YY] “I’ll take poker over pints any day”, Yuri the Young Gun averred.

[NN] “Cards over cocktails”, Nate the Natural concurred.

[EE] “Hold ‘Em over hard liquor”, Elias the Eagle agreed.

[WW] “I say we have both!” William the Whale decreed.

[YY] “If drinking loosens you up, continue to put your glass to your lips…”

[EE] “… While us teetotalers gladly take all of your chips.”

[AA] “As long as we all can have a good time together”, Al recommended.

[RR] “Cheers to everyone for a pokerful new year!” Roderick the Rock ended.


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