Jacob on Jeopardy, Part Two

[RR] “As I expected, Alex Jacob made it back for this year’s Jeopardy! tournament of Champions”, Roderick the Rock opened. “I think it would be great for poker if he won.”

[LL] “And he’s kicking butt!” Leroy the Lion added.

[FF] “Do the Jeopardy fans still hate him for his, whatsitcalled, Forrest Jump?” Figaro the Fish asked.

[RR] “Forrest Bounce, but I like your name better.1 I think he’s won them over. His opponents in the finals are Matt Jackson, who’s a bit too intense and speaks-a-mile-a-minute, and Kerry Greene, who seems a bit overmatched.”

[LL] “And you gotta love the way he plays the game! On the first day of the finals, Jacob went all-in twice on Daily Doubles to take a commanding lead into Final Jeopardy. Then, when he didn’t like the last catgory, he wagered nothing, wrote ‘WHO IS “GOOD GAME GUYS”‘ in the answer space, and increased his lead2 when both Greene and Jackson erred.”3

[RR] “Barring an incredibly unlucky set of categories, Jacob’ll be this year’s champion,4 and we can all brag about how great poker players are at everything.”


  1. The movie, Forrest Gump, hit theaters nine years after Chuck Forrest’s initial Jeopardy! run.
  2. Jacob’s total of $29,600 is way ahead of Greene’s ($3,400) and Jackson’s ($3,000).
  3. In the category, “French Novel Title Heroes”, the answer was “He ‘looked as if he had been shut up for a long time in a tomb and… been unable to recover the… complexion of the living.'” Jacob’s opponents both guessed the wrong Alexandre Dumas novel, “The Man in the Iron Mask”, instead of “The Count of Monte Cristo”.
  4. November 20, 2015 Update: Jacob indeed won, dominating the Tournament of Champions finals like no player ever before. By the middle of Double Jeopardy!, Jackson and Greene were playing for second place. Jacob could have bet and lost it all on Final Jeopardy! and still won the $250,000 first prize handily (along with his two-day total of $48,300).

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