“Online Ace” Review

[LL] “Scott Fischman’s Online Ace is a much better book about Internet poker than Doyle Brunson’s ‘Online Poker’“, Leroy the Lion pronounced. “It’s thorough, isn’t trying to hawk any particular online poker site, and gives much stronger strategy advice. While Online Poker is best used for kindling, Fischman’s book will survive the decimation and resuscitation of online poker in the U.S.”

[SS] “So you definitely think online poker is coming back soon?” Stan the Stat wondered.

[LL] “It’s already in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. Pennsylvania appears to be next.”

[SS] “I know that California talks about it every year. They could start a domino effect as the multistate market would immediately be significant.”

[LL] “Yes, the Golden State could be pivotal in undoing the damage of Black Friday. Five years before that fateful day, Fischman quotes lawyer Chuck Humphrey: ‘In today’s tolerant atmosphere, the risk of being charged with a criminal misdemeanor [for playing online poker] is far less than the chance of getting a speeding ticket.’ This proved accurate for the players but not for the poker sites themselves, and we’re all still trying to recover.

Fischman, who won two WSOP bracelets during the summer of 2004, was less prescient regarding cheating in online poker. Just a year after his book came out, several accounts on Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet were conclusively determined to have cheated by independent analysis of hand recaps.1 In fact, the cheating on Ultimate Bet had begun the year before, while the Pennsylvanian was still writing.2 Of course, even if Fischman had known any of this, he wouldn’t have wanted to denigrate the product he was trying to sell a book about.

The timing was especially unfortunate because this is a good book, covering a wide range of topics including styles of play, the online lobby, online etiquette, chat abbreviations, special online features, hand histories, statistics provided by sites, and record-tracking.

Fischman details his basic strategy for both online and live play. He covers Sit-N-Gos then moves on to Intermediate Strategy and Multi-Table Tournaments. He correctly decries ‘Stop-Win’ limits while okaying ‘Stop-Loss’ limits because losing that much money might negatively affect your play.

As a bonus, Fischman provides brief biographies of a random set of players: Cliff ‘Johnny Bax’ Josephy (who would go on to final table the WSOP Main Event in 2016), Noah ‘Exclusive’ Boeken, Carlos Mortensen, Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi, Darrell ‘Gigabet’ Dicken, Mark Seif, Thomas ‘Thunder’ Keller, and Eric ‘Sheets’ Haber.”

[SS] “Does this make up for the time you wasted on Doyle’s book?”

[LL] “Kind of. But it’s not like this book was perfect. For example, Fischman expects you to lose your first online deposit then prescribes a risky bankroll strategy to help you go broke!

Nevertheless, as online poker slowly returns to the U.S. legally, Online Ace returns to usefulness state by state.”

Title Online Ace
Author Scott Fischman
Year 2006
Skill Level Intermediate
Pros Comprehensive introduction to online play with intermediate-level strategy.
Cons Nine pages of blank “Session Notes” for you to fill in were a waste of paper. A downloadable PDF would have been more useful and saved trees.
Rating 4.0


  1. A good summary of the hole card peeking scandal was posted to the TwoPlusTwo forums on May 18, 2008.
  2. See the Wikipedia section on the cheating scandal in the Cereus Network article.

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