“Poker Aces: The Stars of Tournament Poker” Review

[LL] “In 2004, poker pro Ron Rose wrote a mini-poker player encyclopedia called Poker Aces: The Stars of Tournament Poker, featuring 89 players from around the world”, Leroy the Lion explained. “Each player gets two facing pages, including three photos,1 two quotes (usually from the player but not always), and brief sidebars covering biographical details (like birth year and place, colleges, and previous jobs) and poker accomplishments.

[RR] “How did he pick those 89 players, and why not an even 100?” Roderick the Rock wondered.

[LL] “Rose selected players from four categories:

  • Phil Hellmuth’s Champion of the Year rankings
  • Card Player magazine’s best players of the year
  • Poker in Europe’s player of the year stats
  • Other famous players he wanted to add

So, yes, he could easily have added eleven great veteran pros like Crandell Addington, Johnny Moss, Puggy Pearson, and Jack Straus to get to an even 100.”2

[RR] “What, no Johnny Moss?”

[LL] “I think he preferred players who were still fairly active on the tournament scene.

Unfortunately, this means the book contains a fair number of players whose peak of fame was neither bright nor long. Fourteen years later, more than a few of the names3 are unrecognizable to all but the most ardent poker fans. I doubt many current poker fans can pick Paul Phillips (#16 on 2003 Champion of the Year list) or Asher Derei (top European player) out of a police lineup, but that doesn’t mean that their stories aren’t enjoyable.

Still, the big (9″ x 11.5″) but fairly thin (180 pages) book is fun to read or just browse, making it a very good coffee table/bathroom book.”

Title Poker Aces: The Stars of Tournament Poker
Author Ron Rose
Year 2004
Skill Level any
Pros Brief biographies and stories from a wide range of poker pros around the world.
Cons Because of the rigid format, the feats of the more accomplished are squeezed, while the lesser players biographies are sparse. Includes many European players who aren’t that well known in the U.S.
Rating 3.0


  1. There are four exceptions: Joe Beevers, David Benyamine, and Erick Lindgren get four photos, while Chris Karagulleyan gets only two.
  2. My guess is that he couldn’t get the rights to photographs cheaply enough (or maybe he wanted to save some great players for the sequel).
  3. That includes Rose himself, who had a career year in 2003, winning the WPT World Poker Challenge in Reno for $168,298, the WSOP $1,000 Seniors No Limit Hold ‘Em for $130,060, and the World Poker Tour Battle of Champions for $125,000 for the three biggest cashes of his career and his only WSOP and WPT bracelets. He apparently retired from competitive poker shortly after a second final table in the Seniors event in 2006.

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