Poker Crossword Puzzle

[LL] “Hey, Rod, what’s with the long face?” Leroy the Lion offered in greeting.

[RR] “I was playing poker at the new Givusallayamunni Casino when I got this horrible toothache around midnight”, Roderick the Rock replied.

[LL] “Have you been to your dentist?”

[RR] “Not mine, but amazingly the complex where the casino is has its own set of 24/7 medical services, including a dentist.”

[LL] “So they patched you up, but you’re still unhappy?”

[RR] “They only put in a temporary filling, so I still need to go to my actual dentist for a real one.”

[LL] “Two dental services for the price of two, eh?”

[RR] “And they’re my favorite place in the whole world. But at least this one had some interesting reading material while you wait.”

[LL] “Like ‘How to play slots, craps, and keno, and give us all of your money’?”

[RR] “Well those pamphlets too, but what caught my eye was a Poker, Pokerer, Pokerest magazine. Among its many features were some word games like you might find at the back of Highlights for Children.”

[LL] “A ‘Goofus and Gallant’ comic for poker etiquette might be more useful, but I could see how ‘What’s Wrong?’ could work too.”

[RR] “The first puzzle was this crossword:

{Roderick consults his cell phone and scribbles a grid on a napkin for Leroy.}

Here you go.1 You can read the clues on my phone:”



  1. A magazine more famous than this one.
  2. What cash game players want to be at the end of the day.
  3. Chum for the sharks.


  1. What Texas Hold ‘Em players share.
  2. School where Annie Duke studied for a Ph.D. in psychology and David Sklansky went for an MBA, for short.2
  3. What a player does with 1-Down when an opponent doesn’t suck out.

[LL] “Whoa, that’s definitely a bit too hard for the kids. I’m going to need some time to work on this…”

{Answers next week.}


  1. Post might not display properly unless you view it by itself.
  2. Both Duke and Sklansky dropped out, leading to their respective poker careers soon thereafter.

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