Poker Hall of Fame Induction 2016

[RR] “Were you surprised by how the voting went?” Roderick the Rock wondered.

[SS] “Yeah, all the polls had Hillary winning comfortably…” Stan the Stat began.

[RR] “No, not the Presidential election. I’m talking about the Poker Hall of Fame.”

[SS] “Oh. I’m not surprised about that one at all.”

[LL] “I was pulling for Chris Moneymaker, but they didn’t ask me to vote”, Leroy the Lion commented.

[SS] “I doubt he even finished in the top ten, and he’ll never get in as long as he’s grouped in the player category.

On the other hand, Carlos Mortensen was a shoo-in. He won the WSOP Main Event in 2001 and the WPT Championship in 2007 and is the WPT all-time money leader. He’s also one of only ten players who’ve won multiple WSOP and multiple WPT bracelets.”

[RR] “Todd Brunson was a bigger surprise to me. I thought Chris Bjorin might have been a better choice even though he’s relatively unknown despite being in the top ten in WSOP final tables. Even David Ulliott has had more tournament success than Brunson. But I guess Brunson’s well-known cash game success, including his battles with billionaire Andy Beal1 and on High Stakes Poker, carried the day.”

[LL] “I think it’s cool that he joins his dad in the Hall of Fame. No other relatives have been inducted, unless there are illegitimate children we don’t know about.”

[RR] “Well ‘Doyle’ sounds like ‘Hoyle’…”

[SS] “At least it was an uncontroversial election. I think the whole world can abide by the results without any worry. Unlike the U.S. Presidential election, these were both great choices:

Mortensen was born in Ecuador, grew up in Spain, and moved to the U.S. to play poker. He has almost $12 million in live tournament cashes, including three million-dollar victories.

Brunson was born in El Paso, Texas and started college before following in his father’s footsteps as a poker pro and moving to Las Vegas. He had just turned 24 when he won his first major tournament, the 1993 Diamond Jim Brady Championship, for almost $200,000. Despite career tournament earnings surpassing $4 million, Brunson is more renowned as a high stakes cash game expert where he has won many times that amount.”


  1. Beal’s story was documented in the 2005 book, The Professor, the Banker, and the Suicide King.

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