Poker Themed Holiday Gifts

[JJ] “Rod, I need your help!” implored Joey the Juvenile.

[RR] “How may I be of service?” Roderick the Rock responded.

[JJ] “Well, as usual, I put off buying Christmas gifts too long, and I have no idea what to get my Dad.”

[RR] “Ah, you’ve come to the right person. Benny’s almost a regular here, so anything poker related should make him happy.”

{Roderick types away on his iPhone.}

Card Protectors

[RR] “Okay, how about a card protector? Your Dad doesn’t use one, but he probably should after almost getting his cards accidentally mucked during last month’s tournament:

[JJ] “Not bad, but I think of a card protector as a very personal choice. He might use it because I gave it to him, but he should probably pick out his own.”

Poker Art

[RR] “Okay, how about something for your house?

[JJ] “Those would both be great except that we don’t have a man cave.”

Poker Office Toys

[RR] “Or his office?

[JJ] “Those would probably be better as Secret Santa gifts, I think.”

Plastic Playing Cards

[RR] “Okay then, how about something practical like playing cards:

Poker Chips

or poker chips:

[JJ] “Those would be great if we ever hosted a poker game, but we haven’t done that yet. Maybe in the future.”

Poker Books

[RR] Well, since you can browse his poker library, you can get him any good poker book that he doesn’t already own:

[JJ] “That’s perfect. I’ll find a book that I’d want to borrow, so it could even be a gift that pays for itself. Thanks, Rod!”

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