“Poker Wisdom of a Champion” Review

[LL] “Having written more about poker strategy than anyone ever had in Super System, Doyle Brunson’s next effort was a book of poker stories, Poker Wisdom of a Champion, originally published in 1984 as According to Doyle. Despite its subtitle that promises ‘powerful winning advice’, this book is best read only for its ‘fascinating anecdotes’ as most of the advice is very high-level (and mostly boils down to one word, ‘aggression’).

The 26-page section on home games rules is solid, as many home games don’t have any official rules. But Brunson’s still worried about games getting hijacked, so he prefers that you play on credit. Unless your stakes are so high that robbery is still a real concern, I’d recommend the opposite, that nobody gets any chips they haven’t paid for. If another player wants to lend them money, that’s their private business.”1

I don’t really have anything more to say about this book. Read it for the stories and enjoy.”

Title Poker Wisdom of a Champion
Author Doyle Brunson
Year 1984 (republished in 2003 with new introductory and closing remarks from Brunson)
Skill Level Any
Pros Entertaining stories from poker’s Road Gamblers era.
Cons Very little educational value.
Rating 2.5


  1. Brunson also discusses sandbagging (check-raising), which simply isn’t an issue anymore as it’s a standard, completely accepted part of the game even if you’re playing for pennies against your grandma.

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