Sets Education

During the break before the final table, everyone was amazed to find that not only was Figaro the Fish still alive, but he was the chip leader by a considerable margin.

[JJ] “How’d you get all those chips, Figaro?” questioned Joey the Juvenile.

[FF] “I was just reading a web article about set-mining called ‘Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sets But Were Afraid to Ask’. With a pocket pair, you’ll have sets on the flop almost one every eight times”, Figaro explained.

[SS] “11.8%. 12.7% for a set or better”, Stan the Stat clarified.

[FF] “It said you’re almost never getting the right pot odds for that, but the implied odds are juicy because your hand is so well disguised.”

[FF] “And wouldn’t you know it, every time I’ve had a pocket pair today, I’ve flopped three of a kind. I love sets!” Figaro beamed.

[LL] “I was at his table, and he’s definitely been using sets as a weapon. An absolute sets machine”, Leroy confirmed. “I think every novice discovers the joy of sets at some point, but he’s been plain ridiculous. He should be outside having a smoke right now.”

[JJ] “Instead of drinking a beer, he should be enjoying Sets on the Beach”, Joey added.

[FF] “Very first hand of the night, I limped with Ducks and flopped three Twos. A few hands later my red cherries went infernally hot — Six-Six-Six. I hit a set of Kings twice in one orbit, taking out Deb the Duchess’s and Harriet the Hazy’s weaker sets. I’m too setsy for this game!”

[TT] “Ev’ry other deal, he’s got sets appeal!” Tyrone the Telephone chipped in.

[JJ] “I want your sets, cold-blooded killer!”

[FF] “The hand that gave me the big chip lead was when Deb, Gloria the Gorgeous, and I had group sets; knocked them both up, I mean out, when my set of Aces manhandled their measly little sets of Tens and Nines.”

[LL] “Well, someone’s got to put a stop to his setscapades; his sets crimes can’t go unpunished!” Leroy threatened.

[FF] And the Lion proved prophetic. Figaro’s chip lead lasted less than fifteen more minutes. An hour later, he’d been set-less at the final table and was one of the short stacks. “I’m totally sets starved”, the Fish moaned.

[LL] A few hands later, Figaro finally hit another set, but his three Nines were behind, all-in on the flop against Leroy’s straight. “Figaro, didn’t your parents warn you about unprotected sets?”, Leroy joked.

[FF] When the turn and river failed to pair the board, the Fish’s run was over, and he hadn’t even cashed. “Well, it was fun while it lasted. I’ll still feel good about myself in the morning.”


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