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[SS] “Records were made to be broken”, Stan the Stat began.

[LL] “I think Bill Veeck and Steve Dahl might disagree with you”, Leroy the Lion interrupted.

[SS] “Okay, Disco Demolition Night notwithstanding, people keep getting taller, stronger, and faster; the world population keeps growing; and of course, the World Series of Poker keeps adding new events, so expect records to get broken almost every year.”

[LL] “Okay, I’ll bite. Which one do you think will fall next?”

[SS] “In terms of individual records, the most WSOP cashes in one year. Every year about midway through the World Series of Poker, some player on a hot run1 is on pace to break the record. Somehow the record has stayed intact despite the number of events growing by over ten percent since 20122, but it’s inevitable.

Official WSOP records for cashes only seem to go back to 2006, so this required more than a little digging on my part and may not be quite as accurate as most of my lists…”

History of the Most Cashes in One WSOP

Cashes Player Year
2 Johnny Moss 1971
3 Puggy Pearson 1973
4 Jack Keller 1986
5 Phil Hellmuth 1992
6 Mike Sexton 1995
7 Phil Hellmuth 2001
8 Chris Ferguson 2003
10 Nikolay Evdakov 2008
11 Konstantin Puchkov 2012
12 Ryan Laplante3 2016
13 Roland Israelashvili3 2016
17 John Racener3 2017
17 Chris Ferguson3 2017


  • Moss also won the 1970 championship vote, but there was no tournament to “cash” in that year. All of the 1971 events were winner-take-all, so he became the first to cash twice by winning two of the five events.
  • Pearson won three events for his three 1973 cashes. Gary Berland tied the record in 1978 and Jesse Alto in 1984.
  • Humberto Brenes, Phil Hellmuth, and Richard Tatalovich tied Ferguson’s record of eight in 2006; Chad Brown and Michael Binger tied it in 2007.
  • Because of the almost continual increase in the number of events each year, the percentage of available events in which each record holder has cashed has gone almost straight down. Keller cashed in one third of the events in 1986, while Puchkov only cashed in 15.9% (18.0% if you ignore WSOP Europe and Asia Pacific). Only Hellmuth’s record represented a higher percentage of events than the previous record-holder’s.
  • Puchkov had all of his cashes in the WSOP in the U.S., but this table can be split in two if someone breaks his record with cashes at the WSOP Europe or WSOP Asia Pacific. Puchkov also holds the EPT career record for cashes.
  • As of today there are seven other members of the ten-cash club: Terrence Chan, Jason Mercier, and Phil Hellmuth in 2012; Daniel Negreanu in 2013; and George Danzer, Humberto Brenes, and Roman Israelashivili in 2014. {July 15, 2015 update: Mark Radoja, Eric Baldwin, and Joe Kuether all went into the 2015 Main Event with a chance to tie the record of 11 but failed to cash.} {July 11, 2016 update: Ryan Laplante joined the club and set a new record with 12 cashes.}

[LL] “Have you also compiled the records for the women?”

[SS] “Yes, a little more definitively since women didn’t play much in the early years when the data is sketchier. There are some very familiar names here as well.”

History of the Most Cashes in One WSOP, Women

Cashes Player Year
1 Bonnie Baez 1974
3 Marsha Waggoner 1993
4 Annie Duke 1995
5 Jennifer Harman 2005
7 Cyndy Violette 2006
8 Maria Ho 2014


  • One of Waggoner’s cashes was in the Ladies Limit 7-Card Stud tournament. None of the other record-setters included a Ladies event. Annie Duke tied Waggoner’s record with three cashes in 1994.
  • Ho’s cashes included Hold ‘Em, Omaha, 7-Card Stud, and Dealer’s Choice events.
  • Other big years for women include six cashes each for Cherish Andrews and Vanessa Selbst in 2012 and Loni Harwood and Melanie Weisner in 2013.

[LL] “I don’t think Maria Ho has gotten nearly as much recognition for her record as she deserves. I didn’t realize she played so many varieties of poker so well.”

[SS] “Well, I hope I can help spread the news to the whole world.”


  1. The on-pace-to-break-the-record candidates were Terrance Chan in 2012, Dan Kelly in 2013, Humberto Brenes in 2014, and Joe Kuether this year (already passed by Mark Radoja).
  2. The number of WSOP events has increased from 69 in 2012 to 78 this year (61 to 68 in the U.S. part of the WSOP).
  3. { July 11, 2016 update } The WSOP expanded from paying 10% of the field to 15% in 2016. Ryan Laplante got his 12th cash in the new Tag Team event with Leo Wolpert. Roland Israelashvili got his 13th cash in the 2016 Main Event. Both of these deserve a temporary asterisk, but someone will cash 17 or 18 times soon enough. { July 17, 2017 update } John Racener smashed the old record with his seventeenth cash in the $3,000 No Limit Hold ‘Em, and Chris Ferguson tied him by cashing in the final event to start, the Little One for One Drop. That’s as soon as soon can be.

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