Stan’s Lists – Phil Hellmuth Wins 14th / WSOP Bracelet Spans

[RR] “Phil Hellmuth just won his 14th WSOP bracelet!” Roderick the Rock announced.

[LL] “What did he win it in?” Leroy the Lion asked.

[RR] “Razz, the only game he’s won a bracelet in besides Hold ‘Em. I’ve been rooting for Phil Ivey to catch up, but he’s not even in Las Vegas.”

[LL] “I heard he’s off milking the cash Macau”, Leroy the Lion commented. “He and Negreanu didn’t make a bracelet bet this year, but maybe this news will get him to reschedule his return flight earlier.”

[SS] “Especially since that’s Hellmuth’s third bracelet of the 2010s, pulling him into a tie with Ivey, Matt Matros, Michael Mizrachi, and Dominik Nitsche for the most in the decade”,1 Stan the Stat remarked. “He already had the most in the 1990s (5), and he tied for second most in the 2000s (5, two behind Ivey and tied with Johnny Chan, Layne Flack, Allen Cunningham, and Chris Ferguson).

Not surprisingly, it makes Hellmuth the first player with at least three bracelets in three different decades. Only Doyle Brunson and Johnny Chan have won even two in three decades,2 while only Ivey and Erik Seidel3 have won three in two decades.

Surprisingly, Hellmuth isn’t far off from another record: most years between his first and last bracelets. Brunson won in 1976 and 2005, a range of 29 years. Hellmuth’s bracelets have now spanned 26 years { July 11, 2018 update: now 29 years as well }.”1

Longest Gap Between First and Last WSOP Bracelets

Rank Player First Last Years
1 Doyle Brunson 1976 2005 29
Phil Hellmuth1 1989 2018
3 Chip Reese4 1978 2006 28
4 Billy Baxter 1975 2002 27
5 Jay Heimowitz 1975 2001 26
6 Mickey Appleman 1980 2003 23
7 Ted Forrest 1993 2014 21
8 Johnny Chan 1985 2005 20

Johnny Moss 1970 1988 18
Amarillo Slim Preston 1972 1990
Hans Lund 1978 1996
Berry Johnston 1983 2001
T.J. Cloutier 1987 2005
Men Nguyen 1992 2010


  1. Hellmuth added a 4th in the 2010s on July 11, 2018 ($5,000 No-Limit Hold ‘Em turbo) to take the lead. Daniel Idema added his third WSOP bracelet of the 2010s on June 18, 2015 by winning the $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. tournament. Brian Hastings captured his third on June 20, 2015 by winning the $1,500 10-Game Mix tournament.
  2. Men Nguyen, Ted Forrest, and David Chiu can join the triple double list with another bracelet by 2019.
  3. Seidel won four bracelets in two decades (one behind Hellmuth’s record). Ivey could match that this year when he finally shows up in Las Vegas.
  4. Reese had by far the longest gap, 24 years, between consecutive WSOP bracelets. Lund went 18 years between his only two bracelets and Starla Brodie 16 between hers. { November 10, 2017 update: Mike Wattel won his second bracelet in 2017, a gap of 18 years since his first. }

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