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[SS] “When I first started getting into Texas Hold ‘Em, I watched a lot of shows on TV (and there were a ton1 then). I remember, in one of the first episodes I ever saw, they used a term that would remain one of my favorites even until today: ‘double belly buster gutshot straight draw'”, Stan the Stat remarked.

[RR] “That sure is a mouthful… but we don’t really have a better phrase for an 8-out straight draw where you have two holes in a sequence of seven denominations”, Roderick the Rock added.

[SS] “You can just call it a double belly buster; in the early broadcasts they went out of their way to explain everything. You can also call it a double gutter, but I don’t like the negative bowling connotation. I liked the term ‘double belly buster’ so much that it became the first item on my list of:”

Favorite Texas Hold ‘Em Terms (Top 10 sorted alphabetically)

  • Counterfeited: When a made hand loses value because of additional board cards. One common case is when a player has two middle pairs and the board pairs. E.g., J9 plus AJ93 loses to A2 when a 3 lands on the river. Another scenario is when a player with a small pocket pair ends up with three pairs, relegating the hole cards to weak kicker status.
  • Dominated: When a weaker hand has one matching hole card with a stronger hand. E.g. A5 is dominated by AJ preflop, but if the flop is Q53, the domination is reversed.
  • Double Belly Buster: An 8-out straight draw of the form A-CDE-G, such as J9875, where any Ten or any Six completes the straight.
  • Hero: In some hand history formats, the name given to the main character in a hand. Unrelated to a Hero Call, where a player calls a river bet with a likely inferior hand, hoping to pick off a bluff.
  • Hijack Seat: The position to the right of the cutoff, which is the position to the right of the button. Tommy Angelo coined this term when he noticed that frequent blind stealing had progressed from the button to the cutoff to the hijack.
  • Hit by the Deck: A run of fortunate cards for a player, either with good hole cards or good community cards. Also called God Mode.
  • Idiot Straight: The lowest possible straight, such as holding a Nine-Eight on a QJT board.
  • Rainbow: Three different suits on the flop or, less commonly, four different suits on the turn.
  • Squeeze Play: A preflop in-position reraise after a raise and a call, squeezing the initial raiser between the reraiser and the caller. If the raiser folds, the caller then faces the prospect of playing the hand out of position.
  • Tourist: A weak player (probably from out-of-town vacationers gambling in Las Vegas). Also called a donkey, fish, pigeon, etc.


  1. Poker is a card game, not a sport, but ESPN still shows a lot of poker (okay, the ‘E’ stands for Entertainment), including the World Series of Poker Main Event each year. CBS Sports, Fox Sports, and Speed air some World Poker Tour events. The Heartland Poker Tour can be found occasionally as it syndicates shows. NBC used to air “Poker After Dark” and still annually broadcasts its Heads-Up Championship. It’s a game but not a game show, but that didn’t stop the Game Show Network from showing poker until 2011. Even Bravo and the Travel Channel tried to cash in on Hold ‘Em’s popularity but gave up (in 2006 and 2007 respectively).

    Here’s an updated list of poker shows on U.S. television.

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