Stan’s Lists – Top Ten Best-Selling Poker Books of 2014

{As Nate, Figaro, and Deb continue their discussion on hand reading, Stan introduces a new topic across in the room.}

[SS] “Did you guys see PokerBug’s list of the ten best-selling poker books on Amazon in 2014?” Stan the Stat effused.

[LL] “No. Are you happy to have another list or sad that PokerBug thought of it before you did?”

[SS] “Both, I suppose, but it was actually a guest post by Jason from YourHandSucks, which appears to be a blog for poker newbies.”

[LL] “That reminds me of the You Suck at Photoshop videos.”

[RR] “That guy is hilarious”, Roderick the Rock noted.

[SS] “Not as funny, and sadly, nowhere near as instructive either. But this list is good as it’s just a simple reporting of the facts; I’ve added my own comments:

Top Selling Poker Books on Amazon, 2014

# Author Book Year Comments
1 Sklansky, David The Theory of Poker 1999 (orig. 1987) This book is old enough that it spends much more time on poker variants other than Hold ‘Em. The concepts are universal though and have withstood the test of time.
2 Whitehead, Colson The Noble Hustle 2014 (paperback due 3/15) staked the author to play in the 2011 World Series of Poker Main Event and chronicle his experience. Witty writing but don’t expect to learn much about poker.
3 Brunson, Doyle Super System: A Course in Poker Poker 1979 A classic but really should be supplanted by its 2004 sequel, Super System 2. Texas Dolly’s once very aggressive play is now almost standard.
4 Harrington, Dan
Robertie, Bill
Harrington on Hold’em; Volume I: Strategic Play1 2004 Groundbreaking at the time but very conservative now. The other two volumes, The Endgame and The Workbook, are also worthy of this list, but you might consider his 2014 Harrington on Modern Tournament Poker instead.
5 Tendler, Jared
Carter, Barry
The Mental Game of Poker 2011 A good read if you have a tendency to go on tilt, curse your bad luck, or lose focus at the table. There’s also a 2013 sequel, but maybe poker’s not the right game for you if you need it.
6 Moorman, Chris
Jacobs, Byron
Moorman’s Book of Poker 2014 One of the most successful online pros analyzes 80 hand recaps as he “coaches” his co-author. Good if you like examples more than theory.
7 Caro, Mike Caro’s Book of Poker Tells2 2003 (orig. 1984) The original book on poker tells. Could use a new edition with clearer photos (and more Texas Hold ‘Em examples) and perhaps newer tells, as all but the weakest players now know to avoid exhibiting the ones in the book.
8 Harlan, Mark Texas Hold’em for Dummies 2006 An extensive beginner’s guide to Texas Hold ‘Em, published during the peak of the poker boom.
9 Harroch, Richard
Krieger, Lou
Poker for Dummies 2000 Like the Hold ‘Em book, but also covering Seven Card Stud, Omaha, and other popular poker variations so lacking in depth since it isn’t much longer.
10 Harrington, Dan
Robertie, Bill
Harrington on Cash Games 2008 Covers deep stack No Limit Hold ‘Em cash games but is actually just half a two-book series, with Volume II. Same super-tight style as his tournament series.”

[LL] “Wow, that’s a lot of old books.”

[RR] “It’s hard to write a great poker book.”

[LL] “And even harder for the masses to realize that you have.”

[SS] “Not unlike writing a great blog like PokerBug’s.”3


  1. Harrington on Hold’em was reviewed on June 14, 2014.
  2. Caro’s Book of Poker Tells was reviewed on September 19, 2014.
  3. If only PokerBug would post more often. I’m still waiting for the second part of his REDi technique that he summarized three years ago and has shown many examples of (like much of his Donkey Test analysis, starting at question 15). He started to detail the steps with R is for Reading. And Reduction but hasn’t followed up.

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