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[SS] “Probably an easy question for you”, Stan the Stat offered Roderick the Rock. “Who has the most World Series of Poker cashes?”

[RR] “The Poker Brat, by quite a bit I believe”, Rod asserted.

[SS] “Do you know how many he has?”

[RR] “He was closing in on a hundred, last I knew.”

[SS] “Indeed. Phil Hellmuth collected his one hundredth WSOP payday last week in the World Series of Poker Europe 2,200-Euro No Limit Hold’em event. He’s also reached the most final tables, with 49, ten more than T.J. Cloutier. Coincidentally, 49 is also his age.”

[RR] “When he turns 50, does he start morphing from Poker Brat into Grumpy Old Man?”

[SS] “Maybe when he starts going bald or turning gray. Harder question. Who has the second most cashes?”

[RR] “I don’t know. I can think of a dozen players who could be next, but I don’t know who I’d pick.”

[SS] “I’ll give you three guesses.”

[RR] “Well, going down the bracelet list, the older guys had fewer events to play in, so that rules out Brunson and Moss. I don’t think Chan plays enough events. Ivey’s too young and hasn’t always committed to the WSOP. That leaves Erik Seidel, Men Nguyen, and less likely, Billy Baxter, since I’ve barely heard of him.”

[SS] “Well deduced! You not only nailed Seidel in second (80) but Nguyen in third (79) as well. Seidel just pulled ahead with a cash in a WSOPE Hold ‘Em side event. Baxter’s mainly a lowball specialist1

[SS] “Of the next three players (fourth through sixth), I would expect you to only get one of them. I’ll let you pick six names.”

[RR] “Cloutier, Flack, Heimowitz, Negreanu, Chiu, and Juanda are the rest of the players with at least five bracelets, so I’m guessing you’re saying that it’s only one of them.”

[SS] “Correct.”

[RR] “I don’t really have a better guess. If I replace any of those players, I might remove the one right answer… Okay, scratch Heimowitz, since I don’t know who he is. I’ll go with Ivey instead.”

[SS] “You’re right, it wasn’t Heimowitz, who only has 39 cashes. Humberto Brenes is fourth with 72 cashes. Negreanu’s your correct guess, as he’s now fifth with 69 cashes, having final tabled the WSOP Europe High Roller event to win WSOP Player of the Year again.2 The player who just dropped to sixth is possibly the most underrated WSOP player of all time, a Londoner named Chris Bjorin. The Swedish immigrant reached the Main Event final table in 1997 and cashed in the Main Event a record-tying four straight years3 from 2008 to 2011.”

[RR] “You’re right; I can’t say that I’ve heard of Bjorin; he should definitely be more famous,… if only his final table weren’t a half-dozen years before the poker boom.”

[SS] “As for your other guesses: Juanda is tied for eighth at 63, Cloutier and Chiu are tied for eleventh with 60 (same as Chau Giang), Ivey’s tied for eighteenth with 52, and Flack’s below Heimowitz at 37.

[SS] “The others in the top ten are Barry Greenstein, who moved into seventh by himself with his 64th a couple weeks ago, and Berry Johnston and Chris Ferguson, who are tied for eighth with Juanda.”

Top 10 Most WSOP Cashes4

Rank Cashes Player
1 100 Phil Hellmuth
2 80 Erik Seidel
3 79 Men Nguyen
4 72 Humberto Brenes
5 69 Daniel Negreanu
6 68 Chris Bjorin
7 64 Barry Greenstein
8 63 John Juanda
Chris Ferguson
Berry Johnston

[RR] “Doesn’t look like anyone will be catching Hellmuth anytime soon.”

[SS] “Or even in twenty years. He might slow down but can certainly keep playing into his sixties. Nobody near the top of the list is that much younger than him, but the best shot long-term might be Negreanu, who’s a decade younger and 31 cashes behind. Ivey and Cunningham are a few years younger but another 17 back.”

Top 20 Most WSOP Cashes, Younger than Hellmuth

Rank Cashes Player Age
5 69 Daniel Negreanu 39
8 63 John Juanda 42
15 58 Tony Cousineau 45
18 52 Allen Cunningham 36
Phil Ivey 37
Jeff Lisandro 46

[SS] “Some final factoids: 21 players have at least 50 cashes. 35 players, including J.C. Tran, have at least 41.5 621 players, including Amir Lehavot and David Benefield, have at least thirteen.”


  1. Billy Baxter has won five of his seven bracelets in Deuce to Seven Draw (plus one in Ace to Five Draw and one in Razz).
  2. Daniel Negreanu also won WSOP Player of the Year in 2004 and is the only two-time winner. Congrats, Daniel!
  3. Robert Turner set the record from 1991 to 1994, and the streak has also been matched by Bo Sehlstedt (2004 to 2007), Theodore Park (2005 to 2008), Diogo Borges (2008 to 2011), Ronnie Bardah (2010 to 2013), and Christian Harder (2010 to 2013).
  4. As of October 24, 2013. The WSOP maintains an official, sortable list.
  5. The WSOP’s list includes payouts, so it necessarily hasn’t been updated with the results of the 2013 November Nine yet.

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