Stan’s Lists – WSOP Europe and WSOP Asia Pacific Final Hands

[SS] “Congratulations to Scott Davies, this year’s WSOP Asia Pacific Main Event champion”, Stan the Stat announced. “The American pro won $737,907 (850,136 Australian dollars) to nearly triple his career WSOP winnings.”

[LL] “Go USA!” Leroy the Lion interjected.

[SS] “Americans have now won five of the nine WSOP Europe and APAC Main Events, just one fewer than in the last nine WSOP Main Events.”

[LL] “Certainly an overachievement given the lower percentage of Americans at the non-U.S. events.”

[SS] “Here are the final hands they won with (well, all of the champs):”

WSOP Europe and Asia Pacific Main Event Winning Hands1

Year Event Winner Hand Value Runner-Up Hand Value Board
2007 E Annette Obrestad 7♥7♠ Three 7s John Tabatabai 6♦5♠ Two Pairs,
6s over 5s
2008 E John Juanda K♠6♣ Four 6s Stanislav Alekhin A♣9♠ Three 6s 6♦6♠2♦Q♣6♥
2009 E Barry Shulman T♠T♣ Three Tens Daniel Negreanu 4♠4♦ Pair of 4s T♦2♣K♦3♣Q♦
2010 E James Bord T♦T♥ Two Pairs,
Tens over 9s
Fabrizio Baldassari 5♠5♥ Two Pairs,
9s over 5s
2011 E Elio Fox A♦T♠ Pair of Sixes,
Ace Ten-kicker
Chris Moorman A♥7♠ Pair of Sixes,
Ace 8-kicker
2012 E Phil Hellmuth A♥T♦ Pair of Aces,
Jack Ten-kicker
Sergii Baranov A♠4♣ Pair of Aces,
Jack 9-kicker
2013 A Daniel Negreanu 2♠2♥ Pair of 2s Daniel Marton A♠7♠ Ace-high 6♦J♠K♥T♥4♦
2013 E Adrian Mateos A♠K♣ Pair of Kings Fabrice Soulier 9♦8♦ Pair of 9s J♥9♠4♣K♠5♣
2014 A Scott Davies 6♦6♠ Full House,
6s over Tens
Jack Salter Q♣T♣ Three Tens 6♥T♥T♠8♠3♠
2015 E Kevin MacPhee A♦4♦ Straight,
David Lopez K♥K♣ Pair of Kings 7♣5♥2♥3♣J♠
2017 E Marti de Torres 5♦Q♥ Pair of Fives Gianluca Speranza T♠8♦ Ace-high 4♥K♠5♥A♦3♠

[SS] “Some notes about the final hands:

  • Davies had the best winning hand of any champ, flopping sixes full of tens, while Salter, who had begun the six-player final table with the chip lead, had the best losing hand with three tens.
  • The money went all in pre-flop in every case except Obrestad-Tabatabai, Mateos-Soulier, and Davies-Salter, each of which saw a flop first.
  • The winners had significantly better pre-flop hands than the runners-up, unlike in the WSOP Main Event. Only Juanda got it all-in behind pre-flop. Mateos was only other player who was behind before the shove, as he fell behind on the flop.”

[LL] “So, I was wrong, and the WSOP was right in having the Europe and Asia Pacific events alternate years?” Leroy the Lion inquired.

[SS] “Well, this year’s Asia Pacific Main Event field was the smallest turnout of the nine European and APAC Main Events with a significant twenty percent drop from last year’s 405 in Australia.”

[LL] “I know there’s two year’s worth of history now, but wouldn’t it make sense for the Asian Pacific events to be held in Macau2 instead of Australia? The Chinese ‘Special Administrative Region’ zoomed past Las Vegas to become the highest-grossing area in the world for legalized gambling in 2006.”3

[SS] “Yeah, Macau’s gambling industry is now seven times bigger than Vegas’s.4 I don’t know what the WSOP powers are thinking, but it seems like Macau could easily support an annual tournament series.”

[LL] “Maybe they think poker isn’t popular enough there yet. Baccarat, which is a boring5 and bad game for bettors unless you’re Phil Ivey, is surprisingly more popular, but poker is definitely growing.”


  1. Updated on February 8, 2018 to include 2017 event, March 16, 2016 (2015 event), and October 18, 2014 (2014 event).
  2. CNN, Wikipedia, and others spell it “Macau”, the modern Portuguese spelling, while the New York Times et al. have stuck with “Macao”, the original Portuguese spelling.
  3. The New York Times reported on Macau’s ascendence on January 23, 2007.
  4. CNN Money reported on January 6, 2014 that Macau had $45 billion in gambling revenue compared to about $6.5 billion for Vegas.
  5. From the subsequent baccarat link, you can get to this page that plays the game using Javascript and see for yourself.

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