Stan’s Lists – WSOP Final Hands With Community Cards

[SS] “Now that the World Series of Poker Main Event Final Table is almost here, this seems like a great time to unveil my best list yet”, Stan the Stat announced proudly. “For the first time ever, here are all the known starting hole cards, community cards, and hand values for the hands that ended every WSOP Main Event since 1972.”1

Year Winner Hand Value Runner-Up Hand Value Board
1972 Amarillo Slim Preston K♥J♦ Full House,
8s over Kings
Puggy Pearson Full House,
8s over 6s
1973 Puggy Pearson A♠7♠ Ace-high Johnny Moss K♥J♠ King-high Q♣T♠2♣6♦5♥
1974 Johnny Moss 3♥3♠ Full House,
3s over 9s
Crandell Addington A♣2♣ Pair of 9s 3♦9♣T♣Q♠9♦2
1975 Sailor Roberts J♠J♥ Pair of Jacks Bob Hooks J♣9♣ Pair of 9s 7♥6♣2♣9♠T♥3
1976 Doyle Brunson T♠2♠ Full House,
Tens over 2s
Jesse Alto A♠J♦ Two Pairs,
Aces over Jacks
1977 Doyle Brunson T♠2♥ Full House,
Tens over 2s
Gary Berland 8♥5♣ Two Pairs,
Tens over 8s
1978 Bobby Baldwin Q♦Q♣ Three Queens Crandell Addington 9♦9♣ Three 9s Q♠9♥K♣A♠T♦
1979 Hal Fowler 7♠6♦ Straight,
Bobby Hoff A♣A♥ Pair of Aces 5♥3♣J♠4♠T♦
1980 Stu Ungar 5♠4♠ Straight,
Doyle Brunson A♥7♠ Two Pairs,
Aces over 7s
1981 Stu Ungar A♥Q♥ Two Pairs,
Queens over 4s
Perry Green T♣9♦ Pair of 4s 7♦8♥4♥4♣Q♦
1982 Jack Straus A♥T♠ Pair of Tens Dewey Tomko A♦4♦ Pair of 4s 7♦5♠4♠Q♣T♣
1983 Tom McEvoy Q♦Q♠ Two Pairs,
Queens over 6s
Rod Peate K♦J♦ Two Pairs,
Jacks over 6s
1984 Jack Keller T♥T♠ Pair of Tens Byron Wolford 6♥4♥ Pair of 6s 5♦6♠9♣8♠J♦
1985 Bill Smith 3♠3♥ Full House,
5s over 3s
T. J. Cloutier A♦3♣ Three 5s 5♠5♥9♠5♣K♦
1986 Berry Johnston A♠T♥ Ace-high,
Ten kicker
Mike Harthcock A♦8♦ Ace-high,
8 kicker
1987 Johnny Chan A♠9♣ Pair of 9s Frank Henderson 4♦4♣ Pair of 4s 5♣8♥K♦T♣9♥
1988 Johnny Chan J♣9♣ Straight,
Erik Seidel Q♣7♥ Pair of Queens Q♠8♦T♥2♠6♦
1989 Phil Hellmuth,
9♠9♣ Two Pairs,
Kings over 9s
Johnny Chan A♠7♠ Pair of Kings K♣T♥K♦Q♠6♠
1990 Mansour Matloubi 6♥6♠ Two Pairs,
6s over 2s
Hans Lund 4♦4♣ Two Pairs,
4s over 2s
1991 Brad Daugherty K♠J♠ Two Pairs,
Jacks over 8s
Don Holt 7♥3♥ Pair of 8s 8♦9♥J♣5♣8♠
1992 Hamid Dastmalchi 8♥4♣ Straight,
Tom Jacobs J♦7♠ Two Pairs,
Jacks over 7s
1993 Jim Bechtel J♣6♥ Jack-high Glenn Cozen 7♠4♦ Ten-high T♥3♥8♣2♣5♦
1994 Russ Hamilton K♠8♥ Pair of 8s,
King kicker
Hugh Vincent 8♣5♥ Pair of 8s,
Jack kicker
1995 Dan Harrington 9♦8♦ Two Pairs,
Queens over 8s
Howard Goldfarb A♥7♣ Pair of Queens 8♣2♣6♦Q♠Q♥
1996 Huck Seed 9♦8♦ Two Pairs,
9s over 8s
Bruce Van Horn K♣8♣ Pair of 8s 9♥8♥4♣A♣3♠
1997 Stu Ungar A♥4♣ Straight,
John Strzemp A♠8♣ Two Pairs,
Aces over 3s
1998 Scotty Nguyen J♦9♣ Full House,
9s over 8s
Kevin McBride Q♥T♥ Full House,
8s over 9s
1999 Noel Furlong 5♣5♦ Full House,
5s over Queens
Alan Goehring 6♥6♣ Two Pairs,
Queens over 6s
2000 Chris Ferguson A♠9♣ Two Pairs,
Kings over 9s
T. J. Cloutier A♦Q♣ Pair of Kings 2♥K♣4♥K♥9♥
2001 Juan Carlos Mortensen K♣Q♣ Straight,
Dewey Tomko A♠A♥ Pair of Aces 3♣T♣J♦3♦9♦
2002 Robert Varkonyi Q♦T♠ Full House,
Queens over Tens
Julian Gardner J♣8♣ Flush,
2003 Chris Moneymaker 5♦4♠ Full House,
5s over 4s
Sam Farha J♥T♦ Two Pairs,
Jacks over 5s
2004 Greg Raymer 8♠8♦ Full House,
8s over 2s
David Williams A♥4♠ Full House,
4s over 2s
2005 Joe Hachem 7♣3♠ Straight,
Steve Dannenmann A♦3♣ Two Pairs,
Aces over 4s
2006 Jamie Gold Q♠9♣ Pair of Queens Paul Wasicka T♥T♠ Pair of 10s Q♣8♥5♥A♦4♣
2007 Jerry Yang 8♦8♣ Straight,
Tuan Lam A♦Q♦ Pair of Queens 5♠Q♣9♣7♦6♥
2008 Peter Eastgate A♦5♠ Straight,
Ivan Demidov 4♥2♥ Two Pairs,
4s over 2s
2009 Joe Cada 9♦9♣ Two Pairs,
9s over 7s
Darvin Moon Q♦J♦ Pair of 7s 8♣2♣7♠K♥7♣
2010 Jonathan Duhamel A♠J♥ Pair of 4s,
Ace kicker
John Racener K♦8♦ Pair of 4s,
King kicker
2011 Pius Heinz A♠K♣ Ace-high Martin Staszko T♣7♣ Jack-high 5♣2♦9♠J♥4♦
2012 Greg Merson K♦5♦ Pair of 6s,
Ace kicker
Jesse Sylvia Q♠J♠ Pair of 6s,
Queen kicker
2013 Ryan Riess A♥K♥ Pair of 4s,
Ace kicker
Jay Farber Q♠5♠ Pair of 4s,
Queen kicker
2014 Martin Jacobson T♥T♦ Three Tens Felix Stephensen A♥9♥ Pair of 9s 3♠9♣T♣K♦4♣
2015 Joe McKeehen A♥T♦ Two Pairs,
Tens over 5s
Josh Beckley 4♦4♣ Two Pairs,
5s over 4s
2016 Qui Nguyen K♣T♣ Pair of Kings Gordon Vayo J♠T♠ King-high 7♦K♦9♣2♠3♥
2017 Scott Blumstein A♥2♦ Pair of 2s Dan Ott A♦8♦ Ace-high J♠6♠5♥7♥2♥
2018 John Cynn K♣J♣ Three Kings Tony Miles Q♣8♥ Two Pairs,
Kings over 8s

[SS] “The 454 years have been filled with lots of interesting coincidences and tidbits:”

  • Doyle Brunson turned the Ten-Two into full houses to win in back-to-back years (1976 and 1977).
  • Johnny Chan had the 9♣ in his winning hand in consecutive years (1987 and 1988), then Phil Hellmuth beat him with the 9♣ the next year (1989). The 9♣ has also won three other times: 2000 (Chris Ferguson), 2006 (Jamie Gold), and 2009 (Joe Cada).
  • Dan Harrington and Harrington Seed won with the same hole cards, 9♦8♦, in back-to-back years (1995 and 1996).
  • Stu Ungar won with a 5-high straight in both 1980 and 1997. The wheel became the most common winning hand5 when Peter Eastgate also prevailed with one in 2008. Ace-high won for the third time three years later to tie for top honors. The most common losing hand is a pair of Fours (four times, one more than a pair of Queens and a pair of Eights).
  • The best winning hand was Robert Varkonyi’s Queens over Tens full (2002), while the best losing hand was Kevin McBride’s Eights over Nines full (playing the board in 1998).6
  • The worst winning hand was Jim Bechtel’s Jack-high (1993), which beat the worst losing hand, Glenn Cozen’s Ten-high.
  • The Main Event has never been won with a flush (Julian Gardner lost with one in 2002) and never been lost with a straight (it’s won nine times).
  • A three-of-a-kind has only won three times (Bobby Baldwin’s three Queens in 1978, Martin Jacobson’s three Tens in 2014, and John Cynn’s three Kings in 2018) and only lost twice, but one of those was Crandell Addington’s three Nines that same year (the other was T.J. Cloutier’s three Fives in 1985).
  • The A♠ has been the second most common winning card, appearing six times, one fewer than the 9♣.
  • The A♦ has been the most popular losing card, appearing seven times, once more than the A♥.
  • The losing player has gotten his chips all-in preflop 204 times, on the flop 15 times, on the turn 8 times, and on the river 4 times.7


  1. Johnny Moss was crowned champion by a player vote in 1970. All of the cards from 1971 (when Moss beat Jack Straus) and most of the suits from 1972 remain unknown. Amarillo Slim may not have won the latter title at the table, but a rumored deal between Preston, Pearson, and Doyle Brunson has never been confirmed.
  2. This hand has not been lost to history. The Tucson Daily Citizen published a story on the tournament on May 25, 1974.
  3. This hand has also been questioned, but the Spartanburg Herald wrote up the victory on May 19, 1975.
  4. Table updated with 2018 and 2017 results on July 17, 2018, with 2016 results on November 2, 2016, 2015 results on November 11, 2015, 2014 results on November 12, 2014, and 2013 results on November 6, 2013.
  5. By “hand”, I’m ignoring kickers, so all Ace-high hands would be lumped together as would all King-high flushes.
  6. If playing the board bothers you, the next best losing hand was Puggy Pearson’s Eights over Sixes full in 1972.
  7. Here’s when the short stack got his chips all in: FFFFTTPTTFPPFPPPRPPFTPFFFFRTPFFFRTFPRPPPPPPPPPT (P=Preflop, F=Flop, T=Turn, R=River; sorry, the chart was already too wide without adding this column). { March 2, 2016 correction: in 1992, the chips went all in on the turn (T), not the flop. }

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