Straight Names

[SS] “You always hear poker players refer to Broadway and the Wheel1…”, Stan the Stat ventured. “How come none of the other straights have good nicknames?”

[LL] “That’s a good question. And I’ll bet you have some suggestions”, Leroy the Lion remarked.

[RR] “It’s Stan, so he has a complete list, I’m sure”, Roderick the Rock concurred.

[SS] “You know me pretty well, but I actually have two nicknames for each of them. Consider this my holiday gift to you and the rest of the poker world.”

Straight Nicknames

Straight Nickname 1 Nickname 2
AKQJT Royal Straight [includes the Ace, Ten, and three royal cards] Johnny Moss Straight [The Ace-Ten is already nicknamed for him]2
KQJT9 Fido Straight [K9 = “canine”] Sawmill Straight [Cowboy Wolford’s nickname for the King-Nine]
QJT98 Amazon Straight [because the Queen is high] Kuwait Straight [Q8 = “Kuwait”]
JT987 Houdini Straight [for the straightjacket he was famous for escaping] Straight Whiskey [Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 whiskey]
T9876 Countdown Straight [10, 9, 8,…] Ambassador Straight [Six-Ten sounds like last name of The Ambassador of Poker, Mike Sexton]
98765 Dolly Parton Straight [“9 to 5” movie and song] I-95 Straight [the major highway on the U.S.’s East Coast]
87654 Orwell Straight [“1984” novel] Polonium Straight [for the 84th element, discovered in 1898 by Marie and Pierre Curie]
76543 Hachem Straight [the winning hand he flopped to win the 2005 WSOP Main Event]3 Prime Straight [76,543 is a prime number and, even more specially, a twin prime with 76,541]
65432 Virginia Beach Straight [Virginia’s most populous city’s zip code is 23456] Alphabet Straight [26 letters]
5432A High Five Straight [The Five is the high card, not the Ace] Cribbage Straight [cards sum to 15]


  1. Broadway is the Ace through Ten straight, while the Wheel is the Five through Ace straight.
  2. See the list of Texas Hold ‘Em Starting Hand Nicknames.
  3. Straights have won the World Series of Poker Main Event nine times, so these would all be good nicknames:
    • King-High Straight: Carlos Mortensen (2001)
    • Queen-High Straight: Johnny Chan (1988)
    • 9-High Straight: Jerry Yang (2007)
    • 8-High Straight: Hamid Dastmalchi (1992)
    • 7-High Straight: Hal Fowler (1979) and Joe Hachem (2005)
    • 5-High Straight: Stu Ungar (1980 & 1997; perhaps the most deserved nickname, since he did it twice then died at his lowest) and Peter Eastgate (2008)

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