The Buss Stops Here

[LL] Leroy the Lion was a proud Los Angeles Lakers supporter in a den of Boston Celtics fans. He didn’t expect much sympathy when he noted, “Did you all hear that Lakers owner Jerry Buss just passed away?”

[RR] Roderick the Rock responded for the group, “Yeah, what a shame. I’ll admit that I used to hate the guy. Back when the Celts and Lakers would go at it in the NBA finals regularly, I couldn’t stand him. But then I found out that he was a poker player.”

[SS] “Yep, I remember watching him on the NBC Heads-Up Championship against Daniel Negreanu a bunch of years ago. 2005, I think. Buss was short-stacked and got it all-in with A♦10♠. The Canadian had just the Q♦J♠ but flopped a straight draw with the 5♣9♦10♦.”

[SS] “The amateur asked for the harmless 2♥ and 4♦, but the pro countered with a request for the 8♦, ‘That’d be exciting’.”

[SS] “Boom! The 8♦ hit the felt on the turn, giving Negreanu the lead with a straight. The real estate mogul wanted a diamond on the river to make his flush, and the poker pro agreed, but specifically ordered the J♦.”

[SS] “Shazam! The river was the J♦, and Negreanu went nuts, partly because he just won the match, partly because he hit a straight flush, but mostly because he had predicted the turn and river cards exactly. Buss classily waited for him to calm down before shaking hands, and Daniel exclaimed, ‘I gotta go buy me a Lakers jersey now!'”

[LL] “Jerry was actually a very good poker player, but like a lot of rich businessmen, he enjoyed playing in games over his head for the challenge. He also played in the 2006 Heads-Up Championship, High Stakes Poker, and Poker After Dark because he said something to the effect of, ‘There’s no other game where I can sit down and play against the best in the world’ and ‘There’s no better feeling than beating the best in the world.’ I’m sure if he’d been healthy enough, he would have entered last year’s Million Dollar Big One for One Drop World Series of Poker event.”

[LL] “Hold ‘Em wasn’t even his best game. His best WSOP result came in Seven-Card Stud, where he placed 3rd in an event in 1991. The WSOP hopes to name a Seven-Card Stud tournament in his honor this year.”

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