Harriet the Hazy decided to call the raise to three times the big blind. The 5♦3♣ in her hand didn’t deter her for a second because she was getting a discount from the small blind. The big blind folded, so it was heads up to a 9♠7♦2♣ flop. That felt like it hit her hand pretty hard, so Harriet led out for her standard blue chip, which was about three-quarters of the pot in this case.

[SS] Stan the Stat thought, “That couldn’t have helped her, and I probably still have the better hand, but let’s find out”, as he pushed out two blues. Harriet called with a shrug.

The turn was a harmless 7♥, and the Hazy one proffered another blue chip. Stan the Stat knew the turn hadn’t changed anything and even killed any flush possibilities, so he raised to four blues.

Now, Harriet took inventory of the hand. There were a bunch of low cards on the board and a couple more in her hand. She must be doing well, so she contributed the three additional blues.

The river was another 9, and Stan silently sat stunned. But he was confident that his opponent hadn’t noticed his reaction or wouldn’t have known how to interpret it if she had, so he carefully bet half the pot, an amount he figured would be more than enough to garner a fold from anything but a full house.

[HH] The Hazy one looked down at her chips, then at the pot, determining that the latter was quite a bit bigger than the former. “I guess I’m committed, right?”, she argued feebly as she pushed her small stack forward and flipped over her hand.

Stan looked mortified, not because she’d made such a horrible string of calls, but because she’d won the pot. He flipped over his pocket fours and conceded that her five outkicked his four.

[EE] “When is a pair not a pair?”, queried Elias the Eagle. “When it’s impaired.”

[TT] Tyrone the Telephone added, “The perilous three pair / Must be handled with care.”

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