To Tell the Truth

[YY] Yuri the Young Gun and a few other players were mingling over some pre-tourney pizza when Harriet the Hazy entered the room. “Hi Harriet, did I miss the part on the invitation that said this was a costume tournament?”

[HH] The Hazy one, authentically decked out in a 1970’s era tie dye shirt, bell-bottom jeans, headband, sunglasses, peace sign earrings and necklace, sandals, and even a daisy behind her left ear, waved to everyone before addressing Yuri, “No, I was poking around my parents’ attic the other day and found this cool stuff in a box. Halloween’s a long way off, so I figured I’d wear it here just for fun.”

[HH] “Not that I usually use one, but I even found a Pet Rock for a card protector.”

[RR] “That’ll be the first time it’s ever been useful!”

[YY] Only later, a few hands into the first level, did Yuri notice that Harriet was wearing a metallic-green oval ring. “Did you find a good-luck charm in the box, too?”, he asked, pointing at the finger jewelry.

[HH] “You’re too young to know what this is, eh? It’s a mood ring! It changes color to tell people how I’m feeling, so they can stay away from me when I’m mad.”

[YY] “Does it work?” queried Yuri as the cards were dealt.

[HH] “No, it’s just a toy. But it’s more interesting than the Pet Rock, which also sold millions and millions.”

[EE] “There’s a sucker born every minute”, Elias the Eagle added as he looked at his hole cards from under the gun. “I raise to 300.”

Everyone folded to Harriet, who called from the big blind. The K♥9♣3♦ flop was checked to Elias, who took a peek at the mood ring before betting 400. After rechecking her cards under her rock, Harriet called.

A 2♣ turn produced a check and a bet of 1,000 from the Eagle after another look.

[HH] “Call.”

The river was the J♦, and Elias took a long think, surreptitiously glancing down a few times. At last, he checked.

[HH] Harriet adjusted her glasses and announced, “All-in”, causing Elias to instantly muck.

[HH] “How did you know I wasn’t bluffing?”, HH inquired.

[EE] “I was watching your ring on the river card, and it turned from green to blue to almost purple. I’ve never been a big believer in physical tells, but that was an unmistakable sign of happiness, which meant that you hit your inside straight draw.”

With that, the winner flipped over the Q♥10♠ with a smile, then took off the mood ring and put it in her pocket.


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