“Tournament Poker and the Art of War” Review

[LL] “Like Larry Phillips’s 1999 Zen and the Art of Poker and 2003 The Tao of Poker, David Apostolico’s 2005 book, Tournament Poker and the Art of War, compares poker to an entirely different discipline, quotes from famous old books, and repeats itself over and over again”, Leory the Lion analyzed. “But the Sun Tzu-inspired book is the best of the three, as poker is much closer to war than it is to mindful meditation!”

[RR] “Oh, I don’t know,” Roderick the Rock countered. “I find meditation extremely helpful after my umpteenth straight bad beat.”

[LL] “Yes, but that’s after you bust out of the tournament. The Art of War is more useful during the event. Maybe it’ll help you inflict some pain on other players instead of suffering yourself.”

[RR] “So, does Apostolico say that getting eliminated from a tourney is like dying?”

[LL] “No, oddly he doesn’t. He’s more focused on general strategies. Big picture. The forest, not the trees.”

[RR] “Such as?”

[LL] “Knowing the enemy and yourself. Planning thoroughly. Deceiving your enemy. Hiding your strength. Attacking your opponent’s weakness. Seizing the initiative. Taking calculated risks.”

[RR] “I see how those all apply to both fields. Did you like the book?”

[LL] “Yes, since I haven’t read Sun-Tzu’s book, The Art of War, I probably learned more about waging war than I did about playing poker. The parallels are apt, much more so than the stretched analogies in both of Phillips’s books. Unfortunately, Apostolico’s sound advice is intentionally lacking in all the details you’d need to put his recommendations into effect in your next poker game without some more serious thought and planning on your part. So, although the book was enjoyable enough (although a long blog essay might have been better), it won’t improve your poker game much.”

Title Tournament Poker and the Art of War
Author David Apostolico
Year 2005
Skill Level Any
Pros Easy read with apt analogies between war and poker.
Cons Very repetitive. General advice only.
Rating 2.0

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