Valentine’s Day Special

[HH] In 2009, Valentine’s Day was the only day in February that worked out for the monthly tournament, and attendance was unsurprisingly low. Harriet the Hazy looked around the sole poker table and confirmed the expected: everyone present was long-married. “Not a single recently-married or unmarried player dared to show up, eh?”

[BB] “Something like five years ago, this single guy played with us on Valentine’s Day”, Benny the Book noted. “We never saw him again.”

[CC] “A little Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre”, Carlos the Crazy commented. “His girlfriend killed his poker career at least.”

Harriet peeked at her hole cards and made a min-raise.

After four folds, Carlos called from the button, Benny came along from the small blind, and Vince the Veteran made it four to the flop from the big blind.

When the 9♥8♥4♥ hit the felt, Benny the Book led out for just under the size of the pot. Vince thought for a little before calling, which caused Harriet to pause as well before also calling. Carlos considered raising but didn’t.

The turn was the 5♥, and Benny quickly checked. Vince, however, bet a third of the pot. Harriet immediately called, Carlos mucked, and Benny min-raised. Vince and Harriet both matched the raise.

The river completed the flush on the board with the 10♥, eliciting a chorus of “Wow”s. Benny bet half the pot, Vince raised all-in and Harriet and Benny almost beat him into the pot.

Benny flipped over the 7♥6♥ for a straight flush, Vince dejectedly flashed the A♥K♥ for a beaten Ace-high flush, then Harriet turned over the Q♥J♥ for the nut straight flush.

[BB] Benny screamed, “You one-outed me on the river!”

[HH] “Luck be a lady tonight!”

[CC] Carlos added, “You’ll never believe what I had!” and reached onto the table to flip over the last two hearts in the deck, the 3♥2♥. Astonished at the thirteen hearts decorating the table, nobody complained about the bad poker etiquette.

[VV] “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Vince congratulated. “What could be more appropriate than a Queen-high straight flush in hearts?”

[HH] “Thanks, I heart you all!” the Hazy one responded.

[TT] Tyrone the Telephone had the last word, “I really must say / On Valentine’s Day / It doesn’t much pay / To just have the smarts / You gotta have cards / The Queen-Jack of hearts!”


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