Women in Poker Hall of Fame Induction

[SS] “The long wait is almost over…”, Stan the Stat stated cryptically.

[RR] “For July, your favorite month of the year?” Roderick the Rock proposed.

[LL] “No almost about that”, Leroy the Lion rejected. “It’s already July.”

[SS] “And I hate July. It’s too hot. It’s too humid. And the neighbors set off fireworks pretty much the entire month after our kids have gone to bed.”

[RR] “You can’t hate it that much. The World Series of Poker runs through more than half of it.”

[LL] “Stan can’t wait for the Coney Island hot dog eating contest in a few days.”

[FF] “I didn’t think he was such a fast eater”, Figaro the Fish commented.

[LL] “Not as a contestant! Stan likes anything with lots of counting. And records.”

[RR] “And patriotism. What’s more American than hot dogs and gluttony?”

[SS] “Can’t argue with either of you. Joey Chestnut wolfing down a record 691 hot dogs in 2013 certainly made me smile. As did Sonya Thomas’s 45 the previous year. But another event later in the week has had a longer wait.”

[FF] “It’s not the soccer World Cup, that’s still two years away.”

[RR] “Or the Summer Olympics; that’s not until August.”

[LL] “Although I’ll bet the Rio organizers wish they had a couple more years to prepare.”

[SS] “Two years is right though. It’s a biennial event.”2

[RR] “Does it have something to do with poker?”

[SS] “Yep.”

[LL] “You can’t possibly be talking about the Women’s Poker Hall of Fame induction.”

[SS] “Why not? The Women in Poker Hall of Fame is on Wednesday after a two-year wait.”

[RR] “Oh, now I remember you talking about it last year. So who did they vote in?”

[SS] “Funny you should phrase it that way. They, as in the Internet voters, selected Shirley Rosario, founder of the Poker-Babes.com website, but the committee nullified the result on a technicality that may or may not have actually affected the vote.”

[LL] “And what was that?”

[SS] “They claimed that the voting rules limited people from voting once per IP address, but since this was enforced via a trivially deletable cookie, illegal votes may have been cast.”

[RR] “And Boaty McBoatface should have been the name of that new British ship!”3

[LL] “If you’re foolish enough to allow internet voting, you should abide by the results.”

[SS] “Well, I’m pretty sure they didn’t think a web site named ‘Poker Babes’ was the right image they wanted to project. And no, don’t bother trying to go there; the domain was sold to PokerStars in 2010, undoubtedly for the traffic, then the plug was pulled late last year.”

[RR] “And so the committee just chose whoever they wanted, as usual.”

[SS] “Indeed. Although I’m happy to report that the main, poker-playing inductee was Victoria Coren Mitchell, whom Leroy suggested last year.”

[LL] “A fine choice.”

[SS] “The other selection I’d never heard of, because I’ve never subscribed to Poker Player Newspaper. Debbie Burkhead penned a column called ‘Debbie Does Poker’ for over a decade. She’s won ten tournaments in Hold ‘Em, 7-Card Stud, and H.O.R.S.E. since 1996, and apparently is famous enough to have had a $10 Debbie Burkhead Challenge tournament back in 2000.”

[LL] “Sounds like a much more safer choice than Rosario.”

[SS] “Or Annie Duke, the other player you proffered last year.”


  1. { July 4, 2016 update: Chestnut broke his own Nathan’s record by ingesting 70 hot dogs in ten minutes. }
  2. Alas, “biannual” means both “occurring every two years” and “occurring twice a year; semi-annual”, so it should be avoided.
  3. Boaty McBoatface won the internet vote, but the Natural Environment Research Council chose to name their new research vessel the RRS Sir David Attenborough.

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