WSOP: Ace to Five Draw (1971 to 2004)

[SS] “Ace to Five Draw is a lowball version of Five Card Draw”, Stan the Stat explained. “As the name indicates, the best possible hand is a Five-high: 5432A. Neither straights nor flushes count against you.”

[LL] “Rod, you’d like this game”, Leroy the Lion suggested. “You’re always complaining that you never get any cards.”

[RR] “It doesn’t work that way”, Roderick the Rock retorted. “I’d finally get dealt a royal flush.”

[LL] “At least you’d beat Umberto the Unlucky. He’d get quads.”

[SS] “A royal flush isn’t actually that bad here. It’s just Ace-high, so it’s better than a pair of Twos.”

Game Name Ace to Five Draw
Game Type Draw
Game Limits Limit or No Limit
High or Low Low
WSOP Years 1971 to 2004 (except 1974 & 1975 [probably played in 1972])
Buyins $500 to $5,000
Largest Field ~218 (1987 $1,000 event)
Notable Champions Johnny Moss (1971 & 1988), Perry Green (1976 & 1977), Bill Baxter (1982)
Basic Rules Blinds and Antes. Each player is dealt five cards, and there is a round of betting. Each player can draw from zero to five cards, and there is a second round of betting. The best hand is 5432A as flushes and straights are ignored.
History The game’s history is murky but may have found some popularity as far back as the 1930s. Ace to Five is still played in WSOP mixed games, but has effectively been replaced by Deuce to Seven as a standalone event.
Notes California Lowball, which adds a joker to the deck, was played in 1983 and 1986. There is also Ace to Five Triple Draw, which adds two draws and two rounds of betting. John Juanda (2002) and Men Nguyen (2003) won the two times this event was held.

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