WSOP: Deuce to Seven Draw (1973 to present)

[SS] “Deuce to Seven Draw is another lowball version of Five Card Draw”, Stan the Stat continued. “As the name indicates, the best possible hand is a Seven-High: 75432. Straights and flushes are counted and are very bad.”

[RR] “It’s very confusing that some low games use Five-high and others use Seven-high”, Roderick the Rock commented.

[SS] “There are also Six-high games, which is what happens to Ace-low games when straights count against you. Fortunately, the WSOP doesn’t play any of those. But you can see how each variation would develop independently. Each group can argue that their way is the ‘right’ way to play lowball. I could even claim that Deuce to Six lowball also makes sense, but fortunately that never took off.

Game Name Deuce to Seven Draw (a.k.a. Kansas City Lowball)
Game Type Draw
Game Limits Limit or No Limit
High or Low Low
WSOP Years 1973 to present (except 1983 & 1999)
Buyins $1000 to $10,000
Largest Field 285 for Draw (2012 $1,500 event) and 388 for Triple Draw (2015 $1,500 event)
Notable Champions Bill Baxter has won a record five Deuce to Seven events. Erik Seidel is one of several players who have won two. Jennifer Harman famously won the 2000 event despite having just been taught how to play. Christian Pham repeated her trick in 2015 when he accidentally signed up for the $1,500 buyin Deuce to Seven event instead of the $1,000 No Limit Hold ‘Em event on the same day.
Basic Rules Blinds and Antes. Each player is dealt five cards, and there is a round of betting (no limping allowed). Each player can draw from zero to five cards, and there is a second round of betting.
History The early history of Deuce to Seven Draw is basically unknown. It may have been one of the lowball games played in California and Nevada as far back as the 1930s.
Notes Deuce to Seven Triple Draw, which adds two draws and two rounds of betting, was first played around the late 1970s and joined the WSOP lineup in 2004, returning for good in 2007. Tuan Bui Le is the only player to have two Triple Draw titles (2014 & 2015).

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