WSOP Howard Lederer/Chris Ferguson Recap

[RR] “Yuri, are you still mad at Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson?” Roderick the Rock wondered.

[YY] “Not really. I got my money back. And they’re not the ones who killed internet poker on Black Friday.”

[RR] “I guess you didn’t have five or six figures locked up for a few years.”

[YY] “I played more on PokerStars, which returned my money almost immediately.”

[SS] “I think they waited just long enough before returning to play in this year’s WSOP”, Stan the Stat contributed.

[RR] “Yeah, I heard that a few people confronted them, but nothing physical happened.”

[SS] “Lederer is definitely the more hated of the two of them, and he only played three events. Perhaps more importantly, he didn’t cash in any of them, which made a lot of people happy. $70,000 back into the poker economy.”

[LL] “It’s a start.”

[SS] “He actually came very close to cashing in the Poker Players Championship. He was second in chips at one point, but ended up busting in 17th, just three spots short of the money.”

[RR] “And the crowd roared.”

[SS] “Ferguson, on the other hand, had an excellent series. I don’t know exactly how many events he played,2 but regardless, he cashed an impressive ten times, two above his previous career high of eight in 2003. His best result and only final table was in the $10,000 No Limit Hold ‘Em 6-Handed Championship, where he placed fourth for $183,989. His total haul for the summer was $253,519, with his other cashes ranging from $3,551 in the Millionaire Maker to $17,760 in the Crazy Eights.

In fact, Ferguson did well enough to rise from unranked to #1,046 in the Global Poker Index3 and #200 in the GPI Player of the Year rankings. He also moved back into the top ten in career WSOP cashes (tied for ninth with David Chiu at 73).”

[SS] “Lederer and Ferguson were variously given the silent treatment or sworn at, but no physical altercations occurred.”

[RR] “One player posted a video where he told Ferguson off.”4

[LL] “I hope that made him feel better, but this Whatzit? puzzle from last week is fitting:

✗✗=✓ ✗

Got it?”5

[SS] “There’s also ‘forgive and forget’.”

[YY] “Yeah, I’m chill with that. But I wish I could play on PokerStars again without moving to another country, or worse, New Jersey.”


  1. Lederer played the $10,000 2-7 Single Draw, the $50,000 Poker Players Championship Six Max, and the Main Event.
  2. By my count, Chris Ferguson entered just 19 events, cashing in 52.6% of them (pretty impressive even if I missed a couple events).
  3. The Global Poker Index will be covered in another blog post later this year.
  4. StanObv delivered his NSFW message to Chris Ferguson during a break in the action.
  5. The Whatzit answer is “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

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